May 26, 2018  
2018-2019 General Catalog (Under Revision) 
2018-2019 General Catalog (Under Revision)

Caine College of the Arts Faculty

Last Name
First Name
Degree Year
Degree Major
Degree School
Dean's Office
Jessop Craig DMA 1980 Conducting and Performance Practice Stanford University
Morrison Nicholas DMA 1991 Clarinet Performance Florida State University
Terry Christopher MFA 1981 Painting University of Wisconsin - Madison
Veon Raymond MFA 1999 Art Education College of Art, Maryland Institute
Art and Design
Department Head
Gelfand Laura PhD 1994 Art History Case Western Reserve University
Associate Dean
Terry Christopher MFA 1981 Painting University of Wisconsin-Madison
Catlin Jane MFA 1989 Art Rhode Island School Of Design


Jerome MFA 1991 Ceramics University of Iowa
Neely John MFA 1982 Ceramics Ohio University Main Campus


Alexa PhD 1999 Art History and Appreciation University of California - Berkley
Terry Christopher MFA 1981 Painting University of Wisconsin-Madison
Winward Robert MFA 1997 Graphic Design Kent State University - Main Campus
Associate Professor
Brooks Darrin MFA 2005 Set and Costume Design Utah State University
Carmack Noel MFA 1997 Drawing and Painting Utah State University
Lott Anthony MFA 1999 Painting & Drawing University of Montana
Puzey Kathleen MFA 2001 Printmaking University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Shepherd Stephen MFA 2005 Printmaking Yale University
Smellie David MFA 2005 Graphic Design Utah State University
Suzuki Ryoichi MFA 1987 Sculpture Utah State University
Wall David PhD 1998 American Culture Studies Bowling Green State University
Assistant Professor
Daines Mike MFA 2008 Photography Ohio University
Kanyusik Christopher MFA 2014 Sculpture Academy of Art University (San Francisco)
Meier Carsten MFA 2008 Photography Ohio University, Athens
Soukhakian Fazilat MFA 2013 Photography University of Cincinnati
Tibbitts Susan MFA/MS 2012/2007 Graphic Design/Human Environments-Interior Design Utah State University/Utah State Univeristy
Vigneault Marissa PhD 2009 Modern/Contemporary Art History Bryn Mawr College
Charlson Sandra MA 1988 Art History University of Iowa
Gackstetter Dennise MFA/MA 1998 Ceramics/Ceramics Utah State University/Northern Arizona University
Larson Shane MFA 1996 Art/Illustration Utah State University
Mansfield Steven MArch 1989 Residential and Small Commercial Design, and Sustainability University of Utah
Department Head
Dewey Cindy DMA 1988 Music Louisiana State University & Agricultural & Mechanical & Hebert Laws Center
Ballam Michael PhD 1976 Musical Theatre Indiana University - Bloomington
Bernal Sergio PhD 2012 Composition University of Utah
Fallis Todd PhD 1985 Music Education University of Southern California
Gudmundson Jon DMA 1999 Music University of Northern Colorado
Rohrer Thomas PhD 1993 Music History and Appreciation Florida State University
Associate Professor
Emile Mark DMA 1987 Music University of Colorado At Boulder
Evans R. Cory DMA 2002 Music Arizona State University - Main Campus
Hearns Maureen MA 2000 Education/Diverse Learner University of Phoenix
Hirst Russell MM 1999 Music University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
Nicholson Jason DMA 2009 Percussion Performance University of North Texas
Olson Kevin EdD 2003 Adult Education National Louis University
Scheer Christopher PhD 2007 Historical Musicology University of Michigan
Timmons Leslie MM 1973 Music Michigan State University
Assistant Professor
Chenette Timothy PhD 2013 Music Theory Indiana University
Christiansen Corey MM 1999 Jazz Performance University of South Florida
Hood Errik DMA 2015 Voice Performance The Ohio State University
Matzen Max DMA 2011 Trumpet Performance and Literature Eastman School Of Music
Weaver Lane DMA 2011 Wind Conducting University of Kentucky
Wheeler Gregory PhD 1997 Music Education University of Utah
Professional Practice Associate Professor
Francis-Bayless Anne MM 2002 Violin/Cello Performance Rice University - Shepherd School Of Music
McFaul Rebecca MM 1995 Music Northwestern University
Ottesen Bradley MM 2001 Viola Performance New England Conservatory
Waters Robert MM 1995   Yale School Of Music
Lecturer of Music
Heaton Dallas MM 2009 Collaborative Piano Arizona State University
Skinner Joshua DMA 2016 Instrumental Performance University of Northern Colorado
Thomas Lynn MM 1977 Organ Performance Brigham Young University
Winger Letha MEd 2014 Secondary Education/Music Therapy Utah State University
Theatre Arts
Department Head
Moore Adrianne MFA 1998 Fine Arts, General Florida State University
Hassan Dennis MFA 1993 Theatre Design and Production Ohio State University - Main Campus
Hills Nancy MFA 1979 Theatre Design and Production University of Oregon
Risch Kenneth MFA 1979 Acting University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Associate Professor
Brott Leslie MFA 1992 Acting Pennsylvania State University
Duerden Bruce MFA 1989 Theatre Design and Production Brigham Young University
Ewan Corey PhD 1999 Theatre Brigham Young University
Fisher Shawn MFA 1997 Theatre Design and Production Brandeis University
Omasta Matthew PhD 2009 Theatre for Youth/Educational Drama Arizona State University
Assistant Professor
Call Richard MFA 2009 Acting Rutgers University - Mason Gross School Of The Arts
Innes Brent MFA 2007 Theatre Technology/Design Utah State University
Spelbring Jason MFA 2002 Acting University of California - Irvine
Stowe Matthew MFA 2009 Technical Production Boston University Theatre