May 25, 2018  
2011-2012 General Catalog 
2011-2012 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

Account Receivable Procedures


Utah State University Student Account Receivable Procedures and Agreement to Pay Tuition and Fee Charges


Dropping / Withdrawing from Courses:

I understand that by registering for courses at Utah State University (USU), I am reserving a seat in that class.  It is my responsibility to drop courses I do not plan to attend.  Once registered for courses, I am obligated to pay for them unless I drop them or withdraw from school during the 100% refund period.  If I drop or withdraw after the 100% refund period, I am obligated to pay tuition and fees according to the refund schedule. Refund deadlines are found in the Registration Calendars .

Billing Statement:

I acknowledge that I will not be receiving a paper billing statement from USU.  It is my responsibility to check my online student account for tuition and fee statements, balances, as well as deadlines, refund dates, and fee information.

Financial Aid Repayment:

I agree to immediately return any financial aid to USU that I have received and I am later determined to be ineligible for.  Ineligibility for financial aid could be the result of, but not limited to, (1) dropping courses and reducing the number of credit hours that were used to determine my eligibility, (2) dropping out of school, (3) receiving third party credits or any other financial assistance that will reduce the amount of financial aid I am eligible for, and (4) not receiving passing grades. 

Late Fees:

I agree to pay a late fee of $100.00 if I have not enrolled in the Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) and my account balance is not paid in full within the first 20 percent of the semester. Deadlines are found in the Registration Calendars .

Agreement to Pay Tuition and Fee Charges:

In consideration of the University allowing me to register for courses, I promise to pay USU, Logan, Utah, tuition and fees (principal) assessed to me for those courses.  I also agree to pay for any additional fees and interest charges that are assessed to my student account.  In the event I default on this agreement and it becomes necessary to place this account with an outside collection agency, I agree to pay interest on my account at a rate of 12.00% per annum.  I also agree to pay collection fees, not to exceed 50% of the original principal balance, plus any court and/or attorney fees resulting in the enforcement of this agreement.  Any collection costs stated above are in addition to the principal, fees, and interest due on my account.  In the event of default of any of the terms of this agreement, I hereby give to the USU Controller, or his/her designee, authorization to apply all monies due me from USU to any delinquent portion of this note until the principal, fees, interest, and costs are paid in full.  I agree that USU may repay my account balance from any TITLE IV funds (financial aid) due to me.  I agree to allow USU to report delinquent and defaulted loans to credit reporting agencies.  I understand and agree that USU, or anyone working on its behalf, may contact me by any electronic means such as text messaging, email, etc., and at the phone number I have provided to USU, by manually dialing the number or by using automated dialing technology.  I understand that all outstanding tuition and fees account balances are qualified educational loans under the I.R.C. §221 and are extended with the express understanding that future repayment shall be made to the University.  I further understand that my acceptance of these terms represents my acknowledgement and acceptance that my tuition account balance qualifies as a qualified education loan under I.R.C. 221 and as such, is exempt from discharge under federal bankruptcy code 11 U.S.C. §523(a)(8).