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  Jul 27, 2017
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2014-2015 General Catalog (Spring, Summer 2015) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

Chinese Teaching Minor

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies

Minimum Departmental Requirements

Total Credits:

Chinese Minor                                                                                                        13

Chinese Minor, Teaching Emphasis                                                                             20

Grade Point Average to Declare Minor                                                                         2.5 Career GPA

Grade Point Average to Graduate with Minor and 2.5 GPA within Minor Classes                   2.0 Career GPA

A minimum of 50 percent of major credits must be earned at USU


Courses for Minors may not be taken on a Pass/Fail basis with the exception of LING 3300 , LING 5500  and LING 5630 .

Courses for Minors require a minimum grade of C- or better.

Requirements for Chinese Teaching Minor (20 credits)

Students must complete the following courses (14 credits):

Teaching Emphasis with Secondary School Licensure

(27 credits)

Note: The requirements listed above only specify courses offered by the Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies. To be licensed to teach in the Utah public secondary school system, students with a teaching emphasis must also complete additional required courses (approximately 27 credits) offered in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership.

Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP)-Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies (27 credits)

 Most of the courses listed below count for both teaching emphasis and the teaching minor.

C. Level 3

Because student teaching requires a major commitment of time and energy, students should take only the course listed below during this semester. Students are also urged to forgo outside employment, if possible, during the student teaching experience.


1 Clinical Experience I course is taught under course number 3300 in various departments. Course title varies among departments.

2 LING 3300  and LING 4400  must be taken during the same semester and should be the last courses taken for the minor. They are listed in both the STEP and minor requirements for those seeking the Chinese Teaching Minor/non-licensure.

3 CHIN 4100  should be completed if possible before LING 3300  and LING 4400 . CHIN 4100  is listed in both the STEP and minor requirements for those seeking the Chinese Teaching Minor/non-licensure.

For more information:

Please contact the School of Teacher Education and Leadership in the Jones Education Building 330, or go online to and click on undergraduate programs, and then secondary programs.   

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