May 25, 2020  
2020-2021 General Catalog (Year Under Revision) 
2020-2021 General Catalog (Year Under Revision)

Credits, Maximum and Minimum Required for Degree

Credits, Maximum and Minimum Required for Degree

As curriculum revisions are made, faculty members must ensure that the number of credits required for degrees conforms to the following limits:

Associate of Applied Science
A minimum of 63 and a maximum of 69 semester credits are required.

Associate of Science and Associate of Arts
A minimum of 60 semester credits are required.

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts
A minimum of 120 and a maximum of 126 semester credits are required.

Master's Degrees
The minimum requirement for a master's degree is 30 semester credits, except for a Plan C degree for which the minimum is 33 semester credits. For the MEd degree, the minimum number of semester credits is 36. The Master of Fine Arts is regarded as a terminal degree and requires a minimum of 60 semester credits.

Doctoral Degrees
The minimum requirement for a doctoral degree is 60 approved semester credits in addition to a master's degree, or 90 approved graduate semester credits with no master's degree. Coursework cannot be used for more than one degree.

A minimum of 12 dissertation credits is required for a post-master's doctorate and a minimum of 18 for a no-master's doctorate. The semesters during which a student registers for dissertation credit should correspond as closely as possible to the semesters in which the dissertation work is done and faculty supervision is provided.

Exceptions to these limits will be approved only for compelling reasons, such as accreditation requirements. Institutions must report to the Board of Regents all programs which exceed the maximum credit limits.