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2021-2022 General Catalog 
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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Director: Dennis Kohler
Location: University Inn 103
Phone: (435) 797-3372

Student Support Services is a special program financed through a federal grant and Utah State University with the purpose of providing additional support to students who meet particular qualifications. The Student Support Services Program seeks to prepare and support students for the challenges of higher education by offering assistance in:

  1. academic advising and guidance,
  2. tutoring support,
  3. course selection,
  4. reading and study skills enrichment (USU 1750 , USU 1730 ),
  5. mathematics and statistics instruction (MATH 0995 MATH 1050 ; and STAT 1045 ),
  6. financial aid education and planning, and
  7. early registration.

To qualify for these services, a student must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States, must be registered at Utah State University, must demonstrate academic need for services as defined by the institution, and must meet one of the following U.S. Department of Education criteria:

  1. low income, as established by the U.S. Commission of Higher Education;

  2. disabled, including physical disabilities and learning disabilities; or

  3. first-generation college student, meaning that neither of the student’s parents have graduated from a four-year institution of higher education.