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2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

Communications Intensive (CI)

For most students, courses taken for the major will meet this requirement.

ADVS 4200: Physiology of Reproduction and Lactation (CI)  

ADVS 4920: Undergraduate Seminar (CI)  

ADVS 5630: Endocrinology (CI)  

ANTH 3130: Peoples of Latin America (CI)  

ANTH 3200: Perspectives on Race (DSS/CI)  

ANTH 3310: Introduction to Museum Studies (CI)  

ANTH 3710: Topics in Folklore (CI)  

ANTH 4120: Anthropology of Childhood (DSS/CI)  

ANTH 4140: Anthropology of Global Health (CI)   

ANTH 4990: Contemporary Issues in Anthropology (CI)  

APEC 5020: Strategic Firm Management (CI)   

APEC 5040: Rural Economic Development and Agriculture        

ARTH 3110: Ancient Near East (CI/DHA)   

ARTH 3270: Native North American Art (CI)  

ARTH 3320: Pre-Columbian Art (CI)  

ARTH 3340: African Art (CI)  

ARTH 3360: Bad Cinema (CI)  

ARTH 3510: Islamic Visual Cultures (CI/DHA)  

ARTH 3540: The African American Cinematic Experience (CI)  

ARTH 3610: Classical Art History: Greece and Rome (CI)  

ARTH 3630: Medieval Art (CI/DHA)  

ARTH 3640: British Cinema of the 1960s (CI)   

ARTH 3710: Art, Culture and Crisis in Postwar Britain (CI)  

ARTH 3720: Renaissance Art (CI)  

ARTH 3730: The Documentary (CI)  

ARTH 3740: Art of the Avant-Gardes: 1872-1945 (CI)  

ARTH 3750: High-Modernism to Post-Modernism: 1945-1989 (CI)  

ARTH 3755: Contemporary Art: 1989 to the present (CI)  

ARTH 3760: American Art and Visual Culture (CI)  

ARTH 3770: American Apocalypse: Disaster and Dystopia in Hollywood Film (CI)  

ARTH 3780: 19th Century European Art (CI)  

ARTH 3810: Film Genres (CI)  

ARTH 3840: Race and Visual Culture (CI)  

ARTH 3850: Film Studies (CI/DHA)  

ARTH 3910: Introduction to Film Theory (CI)  

ARTH 4310: Common Threads: History of Fiber Arts (CI)  

ARTH 4410: Art of Small Scale Cultures (CI)  

ARTH 4520: The Visual Cultures of Empire (CI)  

ARTH 4710: Feminist Theory and Practice in the Visual Arts (CI)  

ARTH 4725: Contemporary Land, Earth, and Eco Art  

ASTE 3050: Technical and Professional Communication Principles (CI)  

ASTE 3240: Teaching in Laboratory Settings (CI)  

ASTE 4150: Methods of Teaching Agriculture (CI)   

ASTE 5260: Environmental Impacts of Agricultural Systems (CI)  

AV 3720: CFI Ground School (CI)  

AV 4610: AeroTechnology Design I (CI)  

AV 4620: AeroTechnology Design III (CI)  

AV 4660: Flight Senior Project (CI)  

AV 4710: Crew Resource Management (CI)  

AV 4720: Aviation Safety and Security (CI)  

BENG 4880: Biological Engineering Design II (CI)  

BENG 4890: Biological Engineering Design III (CI)  

BIOL 3100: Bioethics (CI)  

BIOL 3200: Advanced Ecology (CI)   

BIOL 4060: Exploring Animal Behavior (CI)  

BIOL 4650: Evolution: History of an Idea (CI/DSC)  

BIOL 5250: Evolutionary Biology (CI)  

BIOL 5390: Genes and Behavior (CI)  

BIOL 5630: Endocrinology (CI)   

CEE 4790: Environmental Engineering Design II (CI)  

CEE 4870: Civil and Environmental Design II (CI)  

CEE 4880: Civil and Environmental Design III (CI)  

CEE 4890: Environmental Engineering Design III (CI)  

CHEM 3090: Physical Chemistry Laboratory (CI)  

CHEM 4800: Research Problems (CI)  

CHEM 4890: Undergraduate Biochemistry Seminar (CI)  

CHEM 4990: Undergraduate Seminar (CI)  

CHEM 5720: General Biochemistry Laboratory (CI)  

CHIN 3540: Translating Into and From Chinese (CI)  

CMST 3250: Organizational Communication (CI)   

CMST 3400: Persuasion (CI)  

CMST 3460: Communication Criticism (CI)  

CMST 4700: Health Communication (CI)    

CMST 5100: Theories of Speech Communication (CI)  

CMST 5800: Communication Studies Senior Capstone (CI)  

COMD 3010: American Sign Language I (CI)  

COMD 3600: Language Science (CI)  

COMD 3650: Clinical Processes and Behavior (CI)  

COMD 4100: Clinical Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology (CI)   

COMD 4200: Clinical Methods (CI)  

COMD 4910: American Sign Language III (CI)    

CS 3010: Information Acquisition, Analysis and Presentation (DSC/CI/QI)  

CS 3450: Introduction to Software Engineering (CI)  

ECE 4840: Engineering Design II (CI)  

ECE 4850: Engineering Communications II (CI)  

ECN 5150: Comparative Economic Systems (CI/DSS)   

ELED 4030: Teaching Language Arts (CI)  

ELED 4031: Teaching Language Arts (CI)  

ELED 4040: Reading Assessment and Intervention (CI)  

ENGL 3080: Introduction to Technical Communication (CI)  

ENGL 3400: Introduction to Technical Communication (CI)  

ENGL 3630: The Farm in Literature and Culture (CI/DHA)  

ENGL 3700: Regional Folklore (CI)  

ENGL 3710: Topics in Folklore (CI)  

ENGL 4400: Professional Editing (CI)  

ENGL 4420: Advanced Fiction Writing (CI)  

ENGL 4430: Advanced Poetry Writing (CI)  

ENGL 4440: Advanced Nonfiction Writing (CI)  

ENGL 4500: Teaching Writing (CI)  

ENGL 4510: Teaching Literature (CI)  

ENGL 4610: Western American Literature (CI/DHA)   

ENGL 4620: Advanced Seminar in American Studies (CI)  

ENGL 4640: Studies in the American West (CI)  

ENGL 5300: Special Topics in Literature (CI)  

ENGL 5310: Contemporary Literature (CI)  

ENGL 5320: Gender and Sexuality in Literature  

ENGL 5330: Race and Ethnicity in Literature  

ENGL 5340: Multimedia Literature  

ENGL 5430: Technical Communication Capstone (CI)  

ENGL 5690: American Studies Capstone Seminar (CI)  

ENGL 5910: Senior Honors Thesis (CI)   

ENGR 3080: Technical Communication for Engineers (CI)   

ENVS 4020: Foundations of Environmental Studies  

ENVS 4500: Wildland Recreation Behavior (CI)  

ENVS 4700: Communicating Sustainability (CI)  

FREN 3060: French Conversation (CI)  

FREN 3090: French Intermediate Written Communication (CI)  

FREN 3510: Business French (CI)  

FREN 4060: Advanced French Conversation (CI)  

FREN 4090: Advanced Written Communication (CI)  

GEO 3400: Communicating Geoscience (CI)  

GEO 4700: Geologic Field Methods (CI)  

GEO 5440: Vertebrate Paleontology  

GEO 5520: Techniques of Groundwater Investigations (CI)  

GEOG 3100: Human-Environment Geography  

GEOG 4120: Environment and Development in Latin America (CI)  

GERM 3040: Advanced German Grammar and Composition (CI)  

GERM 3050: Advanced German Grammar and Composition (CI)  

GERM 3510: Business German (CI)  

GERM 3540: Techniques in Translating German Texts (CI)  

HDFS 3210: Families and Cultural Diversity (CI)  

HDFS 4900: Pre-Practicum Skills (CI)  

HEP 3600: Introduction to Community Health (CI)  

HEP 5000: Race, Culture, Class, and Gender Issues in Health (CI)   

HIST 3110: Ancient Near East (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3130: Greek History (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3150: Roman History (CI)  

HIST 3220: Medieval European Civilization, 500-1500 (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3250: Renaissance Europe 1300 to 1520 (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3670: Slavery in the Atlantic World (CI)  

HIST 3700: Regional Folklore (CI)  

HIST 3710: Topics in Folklore (CI)  

HIST 3751: Trials of Gilded Age America, 1877-1900 (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3760: The United States, 1900-1945 (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3850: History of Utah (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3950: Environmental History (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4230: The History of Christianity in the West (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4550: Women and Gender in America (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4600: The History of the American West (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4620: Advanced Seminar in American Studies (CI)  

HIST 4640: Studies in the American West (CI)   

HIST 4720: The Civil Rights Movement (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4730: History of Black America (CI)  

HIST 4990: Undergraduate Research Capstone (CI)  

HIST 5690: American Studies Capstone Seminar (CI)   

HONR 3020: Special Topics: Humanities/Creative Arts (DHA/CI)  

HONR 3030: Special Topics: Social Sciences (DSS/CI)  

HONR 4900: Honors Thesis/Capstone (CI)  

ID 4740: Business and Professional Practices in Interior Design (CI)  

JCOM 3050: Technical and Professional Communication Principles (CI)  

JCOM 3100: Reporting Public Affairs (CI)  

JCOM 3110: Feature Writing (CI)  

JCOM 3120: Copy Editing and Publication Design (CI)  

JCOM 3310: Writing for Public Relations (CI)  

JCOM 4110: Computer-Assisted Reporting (CI)  

JCOM 4120: Sports Writing (CI)  

JCOM 4210: Newscast I (CI)  

JCOM 4220: Newscast II (CI)  

JCOM 5110: Literary Journalism (CI)  

JCOM 5300: Case Studies in Public Relations (CI)  

KIN 3200: Motor Learning and Technology in Skill Analysis (CI)  

KIN 4900: Methods of Physical Education (CI)  

KIN 5430: The History and Philosophy of Physical Education (CI)  

LAEP 3700: City and Regional Planning (CI)  

LAEP 4040: E Studio/Entrepreneurship in Planning and Design (CI)  

LAEP 4920: Professional Practice II (CI)  

MAE 4400: Fluids/Thermal Laboratory (CI)  

MAE 4800: Capstone Design I (CI)  

MATH 4200: Foundations of Analysis (CI)  

MATH 4310: Introduction to Algebraic Structures (CI)  

MATH 5580: Actuarial Math II (CI)  

MIS 3200: Business Communication (CI)   

MIS 5900: Systems Design and Implementation (CI)  

MSL 4010: Developing Adaptive Leaders (CI)  

MSLE 4890: Strategic Planning and Execution (CI)  

MUSC 3190: Music History III: Music of the Twentieth Century (CI)  

MUSC 3620: Vocal Repertory II (CI)  

MUSC 4320: Research in Music Therapy (CI)  

MUSC 4730: Directed Project in Instrumental Pedagogy and Literature (CI)  

MUSM 3310: Introduction to Museum Studies (CI)  

NDFS 4050: Education and Counseling Methods in Dietetics I (CI)  

NDFS 4060: Education and Counseling Methods in Dietetics II (CI)  

NDFS 4560: Medical Nutrition Therapy (CI)  

NDFS 4660: Medical Dietetics (CI)   

NDFS 4780: Maternal and Child Nutrition (CI)  

NDFS 5110: Food Microbiology (CI)  

NDFS 5210: Advanced Public Health Nutrition (CI)  

NDFS 5230: Communication of Current Topics in Nutrition (CI)  

NDFS 5410: Nutrient Gene Interactions (CI)  

NDFS 5920: Food Product Development (CI)  

NURS 3210: Population Health and Prevention (CI)  

PHIL 3100: Ancient Philosophy (CI)  

PHIL 3120: Early Modern Philosophy (CI)  

PHIL 3150: Kant and the Nineteenth Century (CI)  

PHIL 3180: Contemporary European Philosophy (CI)  

PHYS 3870: Intermediate Physics Laboratory (CI)  

PHYS 3880: Advanced Physics Laboratory (CI)  

PHYS 4250: Cooperative Work Experience (CI)  

PHYS 4900: Research in Physics (CI)  

POLS 3200: The Politics of Development (CI/DSS)  

POLS 3430: Political Geography (CI/DSS)  

POLS 4220: Ethnic Conflict and Cooperation (CI)  

POLS 4310: History of Political Thought I (CI)  

POLS 4450: United States and Latin America (CI)  

POLS 4990: Senior Research Seminar (CI)  

PORT 3040: Advanced Portuguese Grammar and Composition (CI)  

PRP 4100: History of Leisure (CI)  

PRP 4800: Senior Seminar (CI)  

PSC 4890: Senior Seminar (CI)  

PSC 5740: Environmental Quality: Soil and Water (CI)  

PSY 3500: Research Methods in Psychology (DSS/CI)     

PSY 4950: Undergraduate Apprenticeship (CI)  

PSY 5200: Introduction to Interviewing and Counseling (CI)  

PUBH 3870: Professional/Technical Writing in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CI)  

PUBH 5500: Public Health Management (CI)  

RELS 3120: Early Modern Philosphy (CI)  

RELS 3150: Kant and the Nineteenth Century (CI)  

RELS 3220: Medieval European Civilization, 500-1500 (DHA/CI)  

RELS 3510: Islamic Visual Cultures (CI/DHA)   

RELS 3710: Topics in Folklore (CI)  

RELS 3820: Hindu Sacred Texts (CI)  

RELS 3990: Theory and Method in Religious Studies (CI)  

RELS 4230: The History of Christianity in the West (DHA/CI)  

RELS 4730: History of Black America (CI)  

RUSS 3510: Business Russian (CI)  

SCED 3210: Educational and Multicultural Foundations (DSS/CI)  

SCED 5200: Language, Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas (CI)  

SOC 3110: Methods of Social Research (CI)  

SOC 4410: Race and Crime (CI)  

SOC 4420: Law and Society (CI)  

SOC 4640: Managing Community Conflict (CI)  

SOC 5640: Managing Community Conflict (CI)  

SPAN 3060: Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition (CI)    

SPAN 3610: Survey of Spanish Literature II (CI/DHA)  

SPED 5200: Student Teaching in Special Education (CI)  

SPED 5210: Student Teaching in Special Education: Dual Majors (CI)  

SPED 5240: Public School Internship (CI)  

STAT 5100: Modern Regression Methods (CI/QI)   

SW 4100: Social Work Research (CI)  

SW 5350: Social Welfare Policy (CI)  

TEAL 3000: Historical, Social, and Cultural Foundations of Education (CI)  

TEE 4710: Electronics/Computer Design II (CI)  

TEE 5220: Program and Course Development (CI)  

THEA 3710: Theatre History and Literature I (CI/DHA)  

THEA 3720: Theatre History and Literature II (CI/DHA)  

THEA 4710: Contemporary Theatre (CI/DHA)  

WATS 3100: Fish Diversity and Conservation (DSC/CI)  

WATS 3700: Fundamentals of Watershed Science (CI)  

WGS 3010: Women and Leadership (CI)  

WGS 4550: Women and Gender in America (DHA/CI)  

WILD 4910: Assessment and Synthesis in Natural Resource Science (CI)  

WILD 5560: Applied Avian Ecology  

WILD 5700: Forest Assessment and Management (CI)