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2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

Depth Humanities and Creative Arts (DHA)

Select one course from the following:

A minimum of 2 credits is required for all students whose major is not categorized as Humanities (HU) or Creative Arts (CA).

ANTH 3550: Culture of East Asia (DHA)  

ARBC 3030: Introduction to Islam (DHA)  

ARBC 4040: Language and Culture of the Arab World (DHA)  

ARTH 3110: Ancient Near East (CI/DHA)  

ARTH 3510: Islamic Visual Cultures (CI/DHA)  

ARTH 3620: Early Christian and Byzantine Art (DHA)  

ARTH 3630: Medieval Art (CI/DHA)  

ARTH 3850: Film Studies (CI/DHA)  

CCA 3330: Art Symposium (DHA)  

CHIN 3100: Readings in Contemporary Chinese Culture (DHA)  

ENGL 3020: Perspectives in Linguistics (DHA)  

ENGL 3030: Perspectives in Literature (DHA)  

ENGL 3040: Perspectives in Writing and Rhetoric (DHA)  

ENGL 3050: Masterpieces of World Literature (DHA)  

ENGL 3070: Folklore on the Internet (DHA)  

ENGL 3630: The Farm in Literature and Culture (CI/DHA)  

ENGL 4610: Western American Literature (CI/DHA)  

ENVS 4020: Foundations of Environmental Studies  

FCSE 3080: Dress and Humanity (DHA)  

FREN 3500: Topics in French Literature in Translation (DHA)  

FREN 3550: French Civilization (DHA)  

FREN 4610: Period Studies in French Literature (DHA)  

FREN 4620: Genre Studies in French Literature (DHA)  

GERM 3000: Introduction to German Studies (DHA)  

GERM 3300: Contemporary German Speaking Cultures (DHA)   

GERM 3550: Cultural History of German Speaking Peoples (DHA)  

GERM 3600: Survey of German Literature I (DHA)  

GERM 3610: Survey of German Literature II (DHA)  

GERM 4650: Trends in Modern German Literature (DHA)  

HIST 3010: Introduction to Buddhism (DHA)   

HIST 3020: Introduction to Hinduism (DHA)  

HIST 3030: Introduction to Islam (DHA)  

HIST 3070: Perspectives in Folklore (DHA)  

HIST 3080: Mormonism and the American Religious Experience (DHA)  

HIST 3110: Ancient Near East (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3130: Greek History (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3220: Medieval European Civilization, 500-1500 (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3225: Medieval Britain, 500-1500 (DHA)  

HIST 3230: Early Modern Europe (DHA)  

HIST 3250: Renaissance Europe 1300 to 1520 (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3270: The Crusades (DHA)  

HIST 3340: The Holocaust in History and Memory (DHA)  

HIST 3460: Comparative Asian History (DHA)  

HIST 3482: Ancient China to 1800 (DHA)  

HIST 3483: Modern China, 1800 to Present (DHA)  

HIST 3530: African Environmental History (DHA)  

HIST 3550: Culture of East Asia (DHA)  

HIST 3560: Modern East Asia (DHA)  

HIST 3751: Trials of Gilded Age America, 1877-1900 (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3760: The United States, 1900-1945 (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3840: The Modern American West (DHA)  

HIST 3850: History of Utah (DHA/CI)  

HIST 3910: Health, Disease, and Medicine in North America  

HIST 3950: Environmental History (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4230: The History of Christianity in the West (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4251: The Tudors, 1485-1603 (DHA)  

HIST 4510: American Metropolis: Cities and Suburbs in United States History (DHA)  

HIST 4550: Women and Gender in America (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4560: Women in Islam (DHA)  

HIST 4565: Medieval Islam (DHA)  

HIST 4600: The History of the American West (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4630: History of the Southwest Borderlands (DHA)  

HIST 4711: Northern Ute History (DHA)  

HIST 4720: The Civil Rights Movement (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4760: America in the 1960's (DHA)  

HIST 4815: World War I: A Global Conflict (DHA)  

HIST 4821: World War II in Asia   

HIST 4822: The Vietnam War (DHA)  

HIST 4825: Historical Roots of the War on Terror  

HIST 4890: Cold War in Asia (DHA)  

HIST 4891: Cold War: Vietnam and Afghanistan (DHA)  

HONR 3020: Special Topics: Humanities/Creative Arts (DHA/CI)  

HONR 3070: Honors Interdisciplinary Depth (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

HONR 3071: Honors Interdisciplinary Depth, Part 1 (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

HONR 3072: Honors Interdisciplinary Depth, Part 2 (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

LANG 3550: Culture of East Asia (DHA)  

MUSC 3010: Masterpieces of Music (DHA)  

MUSC 3020: History of Jazz (DHA)  

MUSC 3030: Rock and Roll-Catalyst for Social Change (DHA/DSS)  

MUSC 3500: Symphony Orchestra (DHA)  

MUSC 3785: Marching Band (DHA)  

MUSC 3790: Symphonic Band (DHA)  

MUSC 4600: University Chorale (DHA)  

MUSC 4650: Chamber Singers (DHA)  

MUSC 4700: Wind Orchestra (DHA)  

PHIL 3500: Medical Ethics (DHA)  

PHIL 3520: Business Ethics (DHA)  

PHIL 3530: Environmental Ethics (DHA)  

PHIL 3580: Ethics and Economic Life (DHA)  

PHIL 3600: Philosophy of Religion (DHA)  

PHIL 3700: Political Philosophy (DHA)  

PHIL 3800: Philosophy in Literature (DHA)  

PHIL 3810: Philosophy of Art (DHA)  

PHIL 3820: Theories of Sex and Gender (DHA)  

PHIL 3990: Philosophy and Pop Culture  

PHIL 4300: Epistemology (DHA)  

PHIL 4310: Philosophy of Science (DHA)  

PHIL 4410: Philosophy of Mind (DHA)  

PHIL 4500: Virtue Ethics (DHA)  

PORT 3570: Brazilian Culture and Civilization (DHA)  

PORT 3630: Survey of Brazilian Literature (DHA)  

RELS 3010: Introduction to Buddhism (DHA)  

RELS 3020: Introduction to Hinduism (DHA)  

RELS 3030: Introduction to Islam (DHA)  

RELS 3050: Introduction to Christianity (DHA)  

RELS 3060: Introduction to Judaism (DHA)  

RELS 3080: Mormonism and the American Religious Experience (DHA)  

RELS 3220: Medieval European Civilization, 500-1500 (DHA/CI)  

RELS 3270: The Crusades (DHA)  

RELS 3510: Islamic Visual Cultures (CI/DHA)  

RELS 4230: The History of Christianity in the West (DHA/CI)  

RELS 4560: Women in Islam (DHA)  

RELS 4565: Medieval Islam (DHA)  

RUSS 3300: Contemporary Russian Language and Culture (DHA)  

RELS 3482: Ancient China to 1800 (DHA)  

SPAN 3550: Spanish Culture and Civilization (DHA)  

SPAN 3570: Hispanic American Culture and Civilization (DHA)  

SPAN 3600: Survey of Spanish Literature I (DHA)  

SPAN 3610: Survey of Spanish Literature II (CI/DHA)  

SPAN 3620: Survey of Hispanic American Literature I (DHA)  

SPAN 3630: Survey of Hispanic American Literature II (DHA)  

TEAL 5080: Integrating Arts into Academic Learning  

THEA 3560: Period Styles/Historic Interiors (DHA)  

THEA 3570: Historic Clothing (DHA)  

THEA 3710: Theatre History and Literature I (CI/DHA)  

THEA 3720: Theatre History and Literature II (CI/DHA)  

THEA 4320: Storytelling in Education (DHA)  

THEA 4710: Contemporary Theatre (CI/DHA)  

USU 3070: Interdisciplinary Depth (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

USU 3071: Interdisciplinary Depth, Part 1 (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

USU 3072: Interdisciplinary Depth, Part 2 (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

WGS 4550: Women and Gender in America (DHA/CI)