Dec 14, 2019  
2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

Depth Life and Physical Sciences (DSC)

Select one course from the following:

A minimum of 2 credits is required for all students whose major is not categorized as Life Sciences (LS) or Physical Sciences (PS).

ADVS 3200: Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (DSC)  

ANTH 3225: Sex, Evolution, and Health (DSC)  

ASTE 3440: Science, Technology, and Modern Society (DSC)  

BIOL 3010: Evolution (DSC)  

BIOL 3030: Genetics and Society (DSC)  

BIOL 3040: Plants and Civilization (DSC)  

BIOL 4650: Evolution: History of an Idea (CI/DSC)  

CCA 3070: Unveiling the Anthropocene  

CHEM 3650: Environmental Chemistry (DSC)  

CS 3010: Information Acquisition, Analysis and Presentation (DSC/CI/QI)  

CS 3430: Scientific Computing with Python  

ENVS 3600: Living with Wildlife (DSC)  

FCSE 3030: Textile Science (DSC/QI)  

GEO 3100: Natural Disasters (DSC)  

GEO 3150: Energy in the Twenty-first Century (DSC/QI)  

GEO 3200: The Earth Through Time (DSC)  

GEO 3250: Natural History of Dinosaurs (DSC)  

GEO 3300: Geology of the World's Oceans (DSC)  

HIST 3900: Science and Technology in World History (DSC)  

HONR 3010: Special Topics: Life and Physical Sciences (DSC/QI)  

HONR 3070: Honors Interdisciplinary Depth (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

HONR 3071: Honors Interdisciplinary Depth, Part 1 (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

HONR 3072: Honors Interdisciplinary Depth, Part 2 (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

NDFS 3110: Food, Technology, and Health (DSC)  

PHIL 4530: Ethics and Biotechnology (DSC)  

PHYS 3010: Space Exploration from Earth to the Solar System (DSC/QI)  

PHYS 3020: Great Scientists (DSC)  

PHYS 3030: The Universe (DSC/QI)  

PHYS 3150: Energy in the Twenty-first Century (DSC/QI)   

PHYS 4020: Science, Art, and Music (DSC/QI)  

PSC 3100: Soils and Civilization (DSC)  

PSC 3200: Microbes in Environmental Action (DSC)  

PSC 4600: Cereal Science (DSC/QI)  

PSC 4810: Climate and Climate Change (DSC/QI)  

TEE 3440: Science, Technology, and Modern Society (DSC)  

USU 3070: Interdisciplinary Depth (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

USU 3071: Interdisciplinary Depth, Part 1 (DHA/DSC/DSS)  

USU 3072: Interdisciplinary Depth, Part 2 (DHA/DSC/DSS)    

WATS 3000: Oceanography (DSC)  

WATS 3100: Fish Diversity and Conservation (DSC/CI)   

WATS 3450: Introduction to Coral Reefs-Field Course (DSC)  

WATS 3910: Climatology and Hydrology for Western Watersheds (DSC/QI)