Oct 19, 2020  
2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog

AG ATPP Upper-Division Courses

Students must take 6 credits of an upper-division directed electives and must be chosen from the following list:
AV 4250: Internship  
AV 4280: Aviation Management  
AV 4300: History of Aviation in America  
FIN 3400: Corporate Finance (QI)  
MGT 3250: Managing Human Capital  
MSLE 3500: Fundamentals of Marketing  
MSLE 3510: New Venture Creation  
MSLE 3520: New Venture Management (Deleted as of Spring 2020)  
MGT 3700: Operations Management  
MGT 3710: Team Management  
MSLE 3820: International Management (DSS)  
MIS 4350: Introduction to Performance Improvement Projects  
MIS 4550: Principles of International Business Communications (CI)  
PHIL 3520: Business Ethics (DHA)  
PSY 4240: Multicultural Psychology (DSS)  
SOC 3320: Sociology of Work and Inequality  
SOC 3500: Social Psychology  
For information about ROTC classes which may apply, students should contact their advisor.