Apr 07, 2020  
2020-2021 General Catalog (Year Under Revision) 
2020-2021 General Catalog (Year Under Revision)

Behavioral Elective Course

COMD 3200: Child Language Development  

COMD 3010: American Sign Language I (CI)  

HDFS 2400: Marriage and Family Relationships (BSS)  

HDFS 3100: Abuse and Neglect in Family Context  

PSY 1100: Lifespan Development  

PSY 3120: Abuse, Neglect, and the Psychological Dimensions of Intimate Violence (DSS)  

PSY 3460: Neuroscience I  

PSY 3510: Social Psychology (DSS)  

PSY 4210: Personality Theory (DSS)  

PSY 4230: Psychology of Gender (DSS)  

SOC 1010: Introductory Sociology (BSS)  

SOC 2370: Sociology of Gender  

SOC 3010: Social Inequality (DSS)