Dec 12, 2019  
2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

Applied - Theatre Electives

Any Theatre course 2000 Level or above, 4 credit minimum

THEA 2000: Acting III: Scene Study-Text as Action  

THEA 2010: Acting IV: Shakespeare  

THEA 2100: Voice for Actors II: Speech and IPA  

THEA 2110: Voice for Actors III: Dialects  

THEA 2200: Ballet  

THEA 2203: Costume Construction and Technology  

THEA 2210: Jazz  

THEA 2220: Advanced Movement for Actors  

THEA 2500: Drafting for Theatre I  

THEA 2510: Scene Painting  

THEA 2530: Theatre and Studio Sound  

THEA 2545: Fundamentals of Stage Lighting  

THEA 2555: Production Practicum  

THEA 2610: Fundamentals of Directing for the Stage  

THEA 2666: Theatre Apprenticeship for High School Students  

THEA 2670: Costume History  

THEA 2710: The Art of Storytelling  

THEA 2910: Private Instruction in Theatre Arts  

THEA 2977: Cooperative Education  

THEA 2988: Special Problems  

THEA 3000: Acting V: Acting for the Musical Theatre  

THEA 3010: Acting VI: Classical Comedy  

THEA 3030: Acting VII: Contemporary Playwrights  

THEA 3100: Voice for Actors IV: Extreme Vocal Choices/Voice Over  

THEA 3200: Stage Combat  

THEA 3210: Tap  

THEA 3300: Clinical Experience in Teaching I  

THEA 3320: Movement Exploration for Elementary Education Majors  

THEA 3330: Drama for Classroom Teachers  

THEA 3370: Applied Theatre  

THEA 3380: Drama Across the Curriculum, Grades K-12  

THEA 3500: Drafting for Theatre II  

THEA 3510: Scene Design I  

THEA 3520: Costume Design I  

THEA 3530: Theatre Props and Crafts  

THEA 3540: Lighting Design I  

THEA 3550: Stage Management  

THEA 3555: Production Projects  

THEA 3560: Period Styles/Historic Interiors (DHA)  

THEA 3570: Historic Clothing (DHA)  

THEA 3580: Software for Theatre Production Design  

THEA 3610: Directing I  

THEA 3710: Theatre History and Literature I (CI/DHA)  

THEA 3720: Theatre History and Literature II (CI/DHA)  

THEA 4000: Acting VIII: Acting for the Camera  

THEA 4010: Acting IX-Modern Masters: Chekhov/Ibsen/Shaw  

THEA 4200: Period and Social Dance  

THEA 4300: Clinical Experience in Teaching II  

THEA 4320: Storytelling in Education (DHA)  

THEA 4330: Methods of Teaching Drama, Grades K-6  

THEA 4340: Methods of Teaching Theatre, Grades 7-12  

THEA 4350: Theatre for Young Audiences  

THEA 4510: Scene Design II  

THEA 4520: Costume Design II  

THEA 4540: Lighting Design II  

THEA 4550: Theatre Leadership and Management  

THEA 4555: Production Assignments  

THEA 4710: Contemporary Theatre (CI/DHA)  

THEA 4720: Musical Theatre History and Literature: Roots Through the Golden Age  

THEA 4730: Musical Theatre History and Literature II: New Directions  

THEA 4760: Playwriting  

THEA 4820: Company Workshop  

THEA 4860: Playwriting Workshop  

THEA 5310: Theatre Mentorship and Service  

THEA 5390: Student Teaching Seminar  

THEA 5550: Rendering and Painting for Theatre Design  

THEA 5590: Design Studies for Theatre  

THEA 5610: Directing II  

THEA 5720: Special Topics in Theatre History and Literature  

THEA 5900: Special Projects  

THEA 5910: Capstone Project  

THEA 5940: Fieldwork in Theatre Arts  

THEA 5960: Special Topics in Theatre Production  

THEA 5980: Theatre Internship