Jul 12, 2020  
2020-2021 General Catalog (Year Under Revision) 
2020-2021 General Catalog (Year Under Revision)

HIST Pre-Major General Education Requirement

ANTH 1010: Cultural Anthropology (BSS)  

ANTH 1020: Biological Anthropology (BLS)  

ANTH 1030: World Archaeology (BSS)  

ENGL 2200: Understanding Literature (BHU)  

ENVS 2340: Natural Resources and Society (BSS)  

GEOG 1300: World Regional Geography (BSS)  

GEOG 1400: Human Geography (BSS)  


ANTH 2210: Introduction to Folklore (BHU)  OR

ENGL 2210: Introduction to Folklore (BHU)  OR

HIST 2210: Introduction to Folklore (BHU)  


PHIL 1000: Introduction to Philosophy (BHU)  

PHIL 1250: Practical Logic (BHU)  

PHIL 2200: Deductive Logic (QI)  

POLS 1100: United States Government and Politics (BAI)  

POLS 2300: Introduction to Political Theory  

RELS 1010: Introduction to Religious Studies (BHU)  

SOC 1010: Introductory Sociology (BSS)