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2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences Faculty

Last Name
First Name
Degree Year
Degree Major
Degree School
Dean's Office
White Kenneth PhD 1986 Physiology, Human and Animal University of California - Davis
Bailey Deevon PhD 1983 Agricultural Economics Texas A&M University - College Station
Warnick Brian PhD 2004 Agriculture Education Oregon State University
Agricultural Systems Technology & Education
Department Head
Miller Bruce PhD 1991 Agriculture Education Iowa State University
Reeve Edward PhD 1986 Industrial Area, Vocational, and Technical Ed Ohio State University - Main Campus
Youngberg Lon EdD 2008 Curriculum and Instruction Utah State University
Associate Professor
Beard F. Richard PhD 1987 Agricultural Mechanization Texas A&M University - College Station
Collard Dean AAS 1992 Diesel Technology College Of Eastern Utah
Davis Linda AS 1972 Cosmetology College Of Eastern Utah
Goodrich Russell MS 1994 Business Information Systems Utah State University
Mantz Eric MS 1997 Business Information Systems Utah State University
Martineau Stanley AS 1980 Automotive College of Eastern Utah
McElprang Elven AS 2000 Heavy Equipment College of Eastern Utah
Miller Rhonda PhD 1993 Genetics Iowa State University
Olsen Henning EdD 1997 Education Leadership Brigham Young University
Perez Elias MAE 2009 Technology Integration in Education Western Governors University
Prichard Debra AS 1974 Cosmetology College Of Eastern Utah
Spielmaker Debra PhD 2013 Curriculum & Instruction Utah State University
Stewardson Gary PhD 1987 Industrial Area, Vocational, and Technical Ed University of Maryland College Park Campus
Youngberg Elaine EdD 2008 Curriculm & Instruction Utah State University
Assistant Professor
Hall Kelsey EdD 2011 Agricultural Education Texas Tech University
Lawver Rebecca PhD 2009 Agricultural Education University of Missouri - Where?
Pate Michael PhD 2009 Agricultural Education Iowa State University
Stewardson Denise MA 1984 Industrial Arts Education University of Maryland - College Park
Baldwin Jeffrey BS 1985 Industrial Technology (Aerospace) Utah State University
Chesley Randall BS 1996 Aerospace Sciences Utah State University
Dalton Kent 2 yr Cert 1975 Building Construction Utah Valley University
Garner Dennis MS 1980 Business Education Brigham Young University
Hatch Royce MBA 1999 Business Phoenix
Murri Betty MS   Home Economics and Consumer Education Utah State University
Palmer Clayton MBA 2009 IT Management Western Governors University
Powell James PhD 1990 Applied Mathematics University of Arizona
Powell Robert BA 1995 Psychology Weber State University
Wheeler Julie MS 1981 Home Economics Education Utah State University
Bergeman Justin BS 2012 Business Utah State University
Blanc Rachelle AS 2011   College Of Eastern Utah
Richardson Travis AAS 1990 Welding College Of Eastern Utah
Stevens Brad AAS 2005 Heavy Equipment College of Eastern Utah
Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences
Department Head
Vanderwall Dirk



Veterinary Medicine/Animal Physiology

University of Cornell University/University of Idaho

Baldwin Thomas PhD/DVM 1992 Pre-Veterinary/Pre-Veterinary Louisiana State University/Washington State University
Barnard Dale PhD 1987 Microbiology Brigham Young University
Bunch Thomas PhD 1971 Cytotechnology Utah State University
Coulombe Roger PhD 1982 Food Science and Technology Oregon State University
Gillespie Briedi PhD 2005 Veterinary Medicine/Science Washington State University College Of Veterinary Medicine
Hall Jeffery




Oklahoma State University - Main Campus/University of Illinois At Urbana

McNeal Lyle PhD 1978 Animal Science Utah State University
Morrey John PhD 1984 Microbiology Utah State University
Smee Donald PhD 1981 Microbiology Utah State University
Young Allen PhD 1987 Physiology, Human and Animal Oregon State University
Research Professor
Gowen Brian PhD 2000 Biology, General University of South Carolina At Columbia
Associate Professor
Benninghoff Abby PhD 2004 Marine Science The University of Texas At Austin
Davies Chris



Veterinary Medicine/Immunology

Cornell University/Cornell University

Eun Jong-Su PhD 2002 Animal Science North Carolina State University
Frame David DVM 1984 Pre-Veterinary Washington State University & Oregon State University
Isom Stephen PhD 2006 Reproductive Physiology University of Missouri
Julander Justin PhD 2005 Bioveterinary Sciences Utah State University
Kelly Emma DVM 1989 Veterinary Medicine North Carolina State University
Lee Young-Min PhD 1998 Molecular Virology Johns Hopkins University
Meyer Ralph PhD 1998 Molecular Cell Biology University of Kaiserslautern
Polejaeva Irina PhD 1993 Developmental Biology/Embryology National Research Institute Of Animal Science
Rickords Lee PhD 1991 Reproductive Physiology Louisiana State University & Agricultural & Mechanical & Hebert Laws Center
Rood Kerry DVM 1997 Veterinary Medicine Kansas State University
Wang Zhongde PhD 2000 Molecular & Cellular Biology University of Massachusetts At Amherst
Wilson David


1982/2006 Mterinary Medicine

Ohio State University/Cornell University

Research Associate Professor
Tarbet Bart PhD 2006 Animal Science University of Delaware
Assistant Professor
Campbell Kenneth PhD 2000 Animal Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Utah State University
Garcia Matthew PhD 2005 Animal Science Genomics Washington State University
Hoopes Karl DVM 2003 Veterinary Medicine Colorado State University
Mason Jeffrey PhD 2007 Physiology University of California - Davis
Meyer-Ficca Mirella PhD 2002 Human Genetics, Virology Eberhard-Karles-University of Tuebingen
Olsen Aaron



Veterinary Medicine/Viral Pathology

Purdue University/Utah State University

Price David DVM 1984 Veterinary Medicine Colorado State University
Rigas Johanna DVM 2008 Veterinary Medicine Oregon State University
Rutigliano Heloisa



Veterinary Medicine/Animal Biology and Physiology

University of Universidade Estadual Paulista/University of California-Davis

Stott Rusty PhD 2001 Animal Science (Veterinary Medicine from Web Site) Kansas State University of Agriculture And App Sci
Thomas Aaron PhD 2008 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of California-Davis
Thornton-Kurth Kara PhD 2013 Animal Physiology University of Idaho
Van Wettere Arnaud



Veterinary Medicine/Comparative Biomedical Sciences-Pathology

University of Liege/North Carolina State University

Yun Sang-Im PhD 2005 Microbiology/Molecular Virology Chungbuk National University
Zukor Katherine PhD 2010 Neuroscience University of Utah
Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Weed Michelle MS 2015 Rehabilitation Counseling University of Kentucky
Bowman Brett MS 2000 Animal Science Utah State University
Jenson Justin MS 2000 Animal Science Utah State University
Munns Kelli BS 2012 Biology Education Utah Valley University
Romney Jason BS 2012 Interdisciplinary Studies Utah State University
Anderson Darrell BS 2013 Business Administration Utah State University
Applied Economics
Department Head
Feuz Dillon PhD 1990 Agricultural Economics (Source USU Economics web site) Colorado State University
Caplan Arthur PhD 1996 Economics University of Oregon
Curtis Kynda PhD 2003 Economics Washington State University
Jakus Paul PhD 1992 Economics North Carolina State University At Raleigh
Oladi Reza PhD 2000 Economics Mcgill University
Snyder Donald PhD 1979 Economics Utah State University
Ward Ruby PhD 1998 Agricultural Economics Texas A&M University - College Station
Associate Professor
Bosworth Ryan PhD 2006 Economics University of Oregon
Kim Man-Keun PhD 2004 Economics Texas A&M University
Assistant Professor
Edwards Eric PhD 2014 Economics and Environmental Science University of California - Santa Barbara
Pozo Veronica PhD 2014 Agricultural Economics Kansas State University
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
Department Head
Michael Sean PhD 1997 Natural Resource Recreation Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Associate Professor
Anderson David MLA 1993 Landscape Architecture Utah State University
Evans David MS/M-UD 1997 Landscape Architecture/Urban Design University of Conway School Of Landscape Design/California - Berkeley
Christensen Keith


2010 Landscape Architecture/Disability Disciplines Utah State University/Utah State University
Johnson Todd MLA   Landscape Architecture Harvard University
Lavoie Caroline



Landscape Architecture/Planning-Urban Design

University of Southern California/University of Southern California

Licon Carlos PhD 2004 Environmental Design and Planning Arizona State University
Assistant Professor
Chamberlain Brent PhD 2011 Environmental Design and Planning University of British Columbia
George Ben PhD 2014 Instructional Technology Utah State University
Keunhyun Park PhD 2018 Metropolitan Planning University of Utah
Sleipness Ole PhD 2009 Environmental Design and Planning Clemson University
Powell Jake MLA 2012 Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Pennsylvania State University
Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences
Department Head
Carpenter Charles PhD 1984 Animal Science University of Wisconsin - Madison
Archuleta Martha PhD 1990 Nutritional Sciences University of Illinois At Champaign-Urbana
Broadbent Jeff PhD 1992 Food Science and Technology Utah State University
Hansen Conly PhD 1980 Agricultural Engineering Ohio State University - Main Campus
LeBlanc Heidi MS 1998 Consumer Economics and Home Management Utah State University
Lefevre Michael PhD 1981 Nutrition University of California, Davis
McMahon Donald PhD 1984 Food Science and Technology Utah State University
Munger Ronald PhD 1984 Anthropology (Biological) University of Washington
Nemere Ilka PhD 1980 Molecular Biology University of California - Los Angeles
Steinitz Tamara MS 1996 Informations Sciences and Systems Utah State University
Walsh Marie PhD 1989 Food Science and Technology North Carolina State University At Raleigh
Associate Professor
Hintze Korry PhD 2004 Cellular & Molecular Biology (source NFS Web Site) North Dakota State University
Martini Silvana PhD 2003 Exact Science (Food Science) (source NFS Web Site) Unlp, Buenos Aires
Nummer Brian PhD 1991 Microbiology Clemson University
Scott Paula MSS 1993 Public Administration Utah State University
Ward Robert PhD 2005 Food Science and Technology University of California - Davis
Wengreen Heidi PhD 2002 Nutrition, Scientific Utah State University
Assistant Professor
Aguilar Sheryl        
Allen Karin PhD 2009 Nutrition & Food Sciences (source USU Banner Student) Utah State University
Bevan Stacy MS 2011 Nutrition and Food Sciences Utah State University
Charlton Rebecca MPH 2010 Public Health University of California At Los Angeles
Durward Carrie PhD 2007 Nutritional Sciences The Pennsylvania State University
Israelsen Marlene MS 2005 Nutrition and Food Sciences Utah State University
Legako Jerrad PhD 2011 Animal Science Texas Tech University
Oler Jennifer MS 2004 Nutrition Science Brigham Young University
Peterson Lacie MS 2005 Nutrition University of Utah
Vance Nicole MS 2008 Nutrition University of Utah
Vollmer Almut        
Plants, Soils, and Climate
Department Head
Johnson Paul PhD 1995 Horticulture/Plant Science University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Black Brent PhD 1999 Plant Physiology Oregon State University
Bugbee Bruce PhD 1981 Horticulture/Plant Science Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus
Carman John PhD 1982 Genetics Texas A&M University - College Station
Drost Daniel PhD 1991 Horticulture/Plant Science Cornell University
Gillies Robert PhD 1993 Meteorology & Remote Sensing University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Grossl Paul PhD 1991 Soils Science Montana State University - Bozeman
Hipps Lawrence PhD 1981 Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology University of California - Davis
Hole David PhD 1988 Genetics Texas A&M University - College Station
Johnson Paul PhD 1995 Horticulture/Plant Science University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Jones Scott PhD 1997 Soils Science Utah State University
Kjelgren Roger PhD 1988 Horticulture/Plant Science University of Washington
Kopp Kelly PhD 2000 Agronomy University of Connecticut
MacAdam Jennifer PhD 1988 Agronomy University of Missouri - Columbia
Norton Jeanette PhD 1991 Microbiology University of California - Berkeley
Roper Teryl PhD 1987 Horticulture Washington State University
Rupp Larry PhD 1984 Ornamental Horticulture Cornell University
Whitesides Ralph PhD 1979 Agronomy Oregon State University
Young Stanford PhD 1977 Horticulture/Plant Science Oregon State University
Associate Professor
Cardon Grant PhD 1990 Soils Science University of California - Where?
Creech Joseph (Earl) PhD 2007 Weed Science Purdue University
Jacobson Astrid PhD 2002 Environmental Soil Chemistry Cornell University
Ransom Corey PhD 1997 Crop and Soil Sciences Michigan State University
Reeve Jennifer PhD 2007 Soil Science Washington State University
Assisstant Professor
Wang ShihYu PhD 2008 Meteorology Iowa State University
Senior Lecturer
Spranger Anne MLA 1993 Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning Utah State University
Principal Lecturer
Aston Dorian (Craig) MS 1982 Horticulture/Plant Science Utah State University
Broadbent Rachel MS 2009 City and Metropolitan Planning University of Utah