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2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

College of Science Faculty

Last Name
First Name
Degree Year
Degree Major
Degree School
Dean's Office
Hagan Maura PhD 1987 Upper Atmospheric Physics Boston College
Mueller Richard PhD 1981 Botany University of California - Berkeley
Department Head
Alston Diane PhD 1989 Entomology North Carolina State University at Raleigh
Huntly Nancy PhD 1985 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of Arizona
Alston Diane PhD 1989 Entomology North Carolina State University at Raleigh
Baker Michelle PhD 1998 Biology, General University of New Mexico - Main Campus
Brodie Edmund PhD 1969 Zoology, General Oregon State University
Etchberger Lianna PhD 1992 Molecular Biology State University of New York
Evans Edward PhD 1980 Biology, General Cornell University
Gilbertson Timothy PhD 1991 Zoology, Neurobiology University of California - Davis
Lewis Randy PhD 1978 Biochemistry University of California - San Diego
Messina Frank PhD 1982 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Cornell University
Mott Keith PhD 1982 Cellular and Developmental Biology University of Arizona
Savitzky Alan PhD 1979 Herpetology University of Kansas
Stark John PhD 1991 Soils Science University of California - Berkeley
Takemoto Jon PhD 1973 Microbiology University of California - Los Angeles
von Dohlen Carol PhD 1991 Zoology, General University of Maryland College Park Campus
Welker Dennis PhD 1977 Biophysics Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus
Wolf Paul PhD 1990 Botany, General Washington State University
Associate Professor
Adams Brett PhD 1987 Biological Sciences University of California - Irvine
Chappell Tyson PhD 2007 Anatomy and Neurobiology University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Endres Carla PhD 1992 Microbiology Oregon State University
French Susannah PhD 2006 Physiology Arizona State University
Mueller Richard PhD 1981 Botany University of California Berkeley
Nischwitz Claudia PhD 2005 Natural Resources University of Idaho
Pitts James PhD 2002 Entomology University of Georgia
Podgorski Gregory PhD 1983 Molecular and Cellular Biology Pennsylvania State University
Ramirez Ricardo PhD 2008 Entomology Washington State University
Sullivan Kimberly PhD 1984 Psychobiology Rutgers University - Newark
Williams Becky PhD 2008 Integrative Biology University of California - Berkeley
Assistant Professor
Beckman Noelle PhD 2010 Ecology, Evolution, Behavior University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Bobeck Erin PhD 2013 Experimental Psychology Washington State University, Vancouver
Geffney Shana PhD 2005 Biology Utah State University
Gompert Zachariah PhD 2012 Ecology University of Wyoming
Hanifin Charles PhD 2005 Ecology (Biology) Utah State University
Hatch Wayne DA 2012 Biology Idaho State University
Kapheim Karen PhD 2010 Biology University of California - Los Angeles
Pearse William PhD 2013 Evolutionary Ecology Imperial College London
Waring Bonnie PhD 2013 Ecology, Evolution, Behavior University of Texas, Austin
Wilson Joseph PhD 2010 Biology Utah State University
Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Bernhardt Scott PhD 2009 Microbiology Colorado State University
Spears Lori PhD 2012 Ecology Utah State University
Research Professor
Roberts Don PhD 1964 Entomology University of California, Berkeley
Wahl David PhD 1985 Entomology University of Kansas
Research Assistant Professor
Jones Justin PhD 2015 Biology Utah State University
Principal Lecturer
Anderson D. Andy PhD 1983 Medical Microbiology Creighton University

Senior Lecturer

Flores John MPH 1997 Public Health - Industrial Hygiene University of Utah
Habashi Jessica PhD 2006 Cell Biology Yale University
Sweeten Thayne PhD 2003 Medical Neurobiology Indiana University - Indianapolis
Farley Carl MS 2000 Public Health - Industrial Hygiene University of Utah
Lucas Lauren MS 2006 Biological Sciences/Secondary Education Texas State University
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Department Head
Hengge Alvan PhD 1987 Organic Chemistry University of Cincinnati - Main Campus
Berreau Lisa PhD 1994 Chemistry, Inorganic Iowa State University
Bialkowski Stephen PhD 1978 Chemistry, General University of Utah
Boldyrev Alexander PhD 1978 Physical Chemistry Moscow State University
Chang Cheng-Wei PhD 1997 Organic Chemistry Washington University
Ensign Scott PhD 1991 Biochemistry University of Wisconsin - Madison
Farrelly David PhD 1980 Theoretical Chemistry University of Manchester
Scheiner Stephen PhD 1976 Chemical Physics Harvard University
Seefeldt Lance PhD 1989 Biochemistry University of California - Riverside
Associate Professor
Brown Robert PhD 1983 Analytical Chemistry Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Christiansen Michael PhD 2010 Organic Chemistry Brigham Young University
Davidson Bradley PhD 1989 Organic Chemistry Cornell University
Hageman Kimberly PhD 2003 Analytical Chemistry Oregon State University
Hevel Joan PhD 1993 Medicinal Chemistry University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Johnson Sean PhD 2003 Biochemistry Duke University
Assistant Professor
Dickenson Nicholas PhD 2008 Bio-Analytical/Biochemistry University of Kansas
Jackson Ryan PhD 2012 Biochemistry Utah State University
Liu Tianbiao PhD 2009 Inorganic Chemistry Texas A&M University
Rao Yi PhD 2003 Physical Chemistry Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Institute of Sciences
Sun Yujie PhD 2010 Chemistry The Ohio State University
Weber John PhD 2012 Analytical Chemistry Colorado State University
Research Professor
Mansfield Marc PhD 1980 Chemistry Dartmouth College
Research Associate Professor and Bingham Center Director
Lyman Seth PhD 2009 Environmental Sciences and Health University of Nevada, Reno
Senior Lecturer
Harris Douglas PhD 2002 Biochemistry Brigham Young University
Miller Shawn PhD 2014 Organic Chemistry University of California Irvine
Noirot Mark PhD 1988 Inorganic Chemistry Colorado State University
Department Head
Pederson Joel PhD 1999 Earth and Planetary Science University of New Mexico
Evans James PhD 1987 Geology Texas A&M University - College Station
Janecke Susanne PhD 1991 Geology University of Utah
Liddell William PhD 1980 Geology University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Shervais John PhD 1979 Geology University of California - Santa Barbara
Associate Professor
Burger Benjamin PhD 2009 Geological Sciences University of Colorado at Boulder
Dehler Carol PhD 2001 Earth and Planetary Science University of New Mexico
Fleck Michelle PhD 2001 Education University of Wyoming
Lachmar Thomas PhD 1989 Geological Engineering University of Idaho
Lowry Anthony PhD 1994 Geophysics University of Utah
Rittenour Tammy PhD 2004 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Assistant Professor
Ault Alexis PhD 2012 Geological Sciences University of Colorado at Boulder
Newell Dennis PhD 2007 Earth & Planetary Sciences University of New Mexico
Research Assistant Professor
Bradbury Kelly PhD 2012 Geology Utah State University
Larsen Blair MS 2009 Applied Environmental Geoscience Utah State University
Mathematics & Statistics
Department Head
Corcoran Christopher SCD 1999 Biostatistics (General Epidemiology) Harvard University
Anderson Ian PhD 1976 Mathematics, General University of Arizona
Cangelosi James PhD 1972 Mathematics Education Louisiana State University & Agricultural & Mechanical & Hebert Laws Center
Cannon Lawrence PhD 1965 Mathematics, General University of Utah
Coster Daniel PhD 1986 Statistic, Mathematical and Theoretical University of California - Berkeley
Cutler Adele PhD 1988 Statistic, Mathematical and Theoretical University of California - Berkeley
Cutler David PhD 1988 Statistic, Mathematical and Theoretical University of California - Berkeley
Fels Mark PhD 1993 Mathematics, General Mcgill University
Powell James PhD 1990 Applied Mathematics University of Arizona
Symanzik Juergen PhD 1996 Statistics and Computer Science Iowa State University
Wang Zhi Qiang PhD 1986 Mathematics, General Inst. Of Math., Chinese Acad. Of Scis.
Associate Professor
Bower J. Kevin MS 2005 Mathematics University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Brewer David EdD 2009 Curriculum and Instruction Utah State University
Brown David PhD 2004 Mathematics, General University of Colorado At Denver
Koebbe Joseph PhD 1988 Mathematics, General University of Wyoming
Geer Nathan PhD 2004 Mathematics University of Oregon
Kohler Brynja PhD 2004 Quantitative Analysis and Methods University of Utah
Nguyen Nghiem PhD 2004 Mathematics, General University of Illinois At Chicago
Nie Zhaohu PhD 2005 Mathematics Stony Brook University
Schneiter Kady PhD 2004 Mathematical Sciences Utah State University
Stevens John PhD 2005 Statistic, Mathematical and Theoretical Purdue University
Wilczynski Dariusz PhD 1987 Mathematics, General Indiana University - Bloomington
Zwick Henry MS/MS 1978/1986 Mathematics/Computer Science University of Idaho At Moscow/University of Idaho At Moscow
Assistant Professor
Cortez Michael PhD 2011 Applied Mathematics Cornell University
Fu Guifang PhD 2012 Statistics Pennsylvania State University
Gordillo Luis PhD 2004 Mathematics Arizona State University
Malmendier Andreas PhD 2007 Mathematics, General Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sun Yan PhD 2011 Mathematics University of Cincinnati
Zhao Jia PhD 2015 Mathematical Biology University of South Carolina
Clinical Professor
Rowley Eric PhD 1996 Mathematical Sciences Utah State University
Principal Lecturer
Bregenzer Dave MS 1978 Statistic, Mathematical and Theoretical Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Wheeler Gregory EdD 2010 Curriculum Development Utah State University
Busenbark Don PhD 2018 (expected) Curriculum and Instruction Utah State University
Campbell Theodore MS 1997 Mathematics Montana State University - Bozeman
Clements Jenny MS 2016 Statistics Utah State University
Colver Tad MS 2003 Applied Statistics Purdue University
Cropper Sebrina MS 2012 Mathematics, General Utah State University
Culbertson M. Jean MEd 1997 Secondary Education Utah State University
Dupree Kami MS 2009 Statistics University of Utah
Hadfield KimberLeigh MA 1996 Mathematics Brigham Young University
Heavilin Justin PhD 2007 Applied Mathematics Utah State University
Rujirawat Pataranut MS/MS 2008/2008 Economics/Mathematics Utah State University/Minnesota State University-Mankato
Runge Piotr PhD 2009 Mathematical Sciences Utah State University
Watson Claire MS/MS 1988/1992 Electrical Engineering/Applied Mathematics Purdue University/Purdue University
Department Head
Sojka Jan PhD 1976 Physics, Space University College, University of London
Dennison John PhD 1985 Physics, General Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Edwards Boyd PhD 1985 Applied Physics Stanford University
Fejer Bela PhD 1974 Electrical,Electronic & Communications Eng Cornell University
Held Eric PhD 1999 Engineering Physics University of Wisconsin - Madison
Peak David PhD 1969 Physics, Field Theory State University of New York At Albany
Schunk Robert PhD 1970 Physics of Fluids and Plasmas Yale University
Shen Tsung-Cheng PhD 1985 Physics Maryland College Park University of
Scherliess Ludger PhD 1997 Physics Utah State University
Taylor Michael PhD 1986 Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology Southampton University
Torre Charles PhD 1985 Physics, Gravitation and Field Theory University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Wickwar Vincent PhD 1971 Physics, Space Rice University
Associate Professor
Kardelis David PhD   Physics, Experimental High Energy University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
Riffe David PhD 1989 Physics, General Cornell University
Wheeler James PhD 1986 Physics, High Energy Quantum Field Theory University of Chicago
Assistant Professor
Rodriguez Maria PhD 2008 Theoretical Physics Universidad de Barcelona
Varela Oscar PhD 2006 Theoretical Physics Universidad de Valencia
Yuan Tao PhD 2004 Physics Colorado State University
Research Professor
Carlson Herbert PhD 1965 Engineering Physics Cornell University
Research Associate Professor
Zhu Lie PhD 1991 Astrophysics University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Ji Jeong-Young PhD/PhD 2005 Physics (Theoretical)/Physics (Experimental) Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology/Utah State University
Professional Practice Associate Professor
Davies Robert PhD 1991 Physics Utah State University
Principal Lecturer
Triplett Tonya MS 2002 Physics Utah State University