Jun 02, 2020  
2020-2021 General Catalog (Year Under Revision) 
2020-2021 General Catalog (Year Under Revision)

S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources Faculty

Last Name
First Name
Degree Year
Degree Major
Degree School
Dean's Office
Luecke Chris PhD 1986 Zoology, General University of Washington
Radel Claudia PhD 2005 Geography Clark University
Environment & Society
Department Head
Lant Christopher PhD 1988 Geography University of Iowa
Brunson Mark PhD 1991 Forestry Oregon State University
Coppock D. Layne PhD 1985 International Animal Science Colorado State University
Endter-Wada Joanna PhD 1987 Comparative Culture University of California-Irvine
Frazer Nat PhD 1983 Ecology University of Georgia
Monz Christopher PhD 2001 Natural Resource Management, Recreation Resources Colorado State University
Romesburg H. Charles PhD 1972 Natural Resources Management University of Pittsburgh - Main Campus
Tainter Joseph PhD 1975 Anthropology Northwestern University
Associate Professor
Brain Roslynn PhD 2008 Agricultural Education and Communication University of Florida, Gainesville
Burr Steven PhD 1994 Recreation and Parks The Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus
Radel Claudia PhD 2005 Geography Clark University
Schmidt Robert PhD 1986 Ecology/Environmental Studies University of California - Davis
Assistant Professor
Burchfield Emily PhD 2017 Environmental Engineering Vanderbilt University
Howe Peter PhD 2012 Geography The Pennsylvania State University
Klain Sarah PhD 2016 Environment and Sustainability Resources University of British Columbia
Smith Jordan PhD 2011 Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management North Carolina State University
Belmont Shannon MS 2009 GIS, Hydrology, Water Quality University of Minnesota
Watershed Sciences
Department Head
Wilcock Peter PhD 1987 Geology Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Hawkins Charles PhD 1982 Entomology Oregon State University
Mesner Nancy MSE/MS 1985 Environmental and Sanitary Engineering/Limnology University of Washington
Schmidt John PhD 1987 Geography Johns Hopkins University
Associate Professor
Belmont Patrick PhD 2007 Earth and Environmental Sciences Lehigh University
Jin Jiming PhD 2002 Hydrology University of Arizona
Kettenring Karin PhD 2006 Applied Plant Sciences University of Minnesota
Null Sarah PhD 2008 Geography University of California-Davis
Wheaton Joseph PhD 2008 Geography University of Southampton
Assistant Professor
Atwood Trisha PhD 2013 Forestry University of British Columbia
Brahney Janice PhD 2012 Geological Sciences University of Colorado
Brothers Soren PhD 2013 Liminology University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany
Gaeta Jereme PhD 2012 Limnology and Marine Sciences University of Wisconsin - Madison
Hammill Edd PhD 2007 Ecology University of Sheffield
Larese-Casanova Mark MS 1999 Wildlife Management University of Connecticut - Storrs
Wildland Resources
Department Head
Kuhns Michael PhD 1986 Tree Physiology Auburn University
Adler Peter PhD 2003 Ecology Colorado State University
Beard Karen PhD 2001 Forestry and Environmental Studies Yale University
Busby Frank (Fee) PhD 1977 Range Watershed Science Utah State University
Conover Michael PhD 1978 Zoology Washington State University
Du Toit Johan PhD 1988 Animal Ecology University of Witwatersrand
Edwards1 Thomas PhD 1987 Wildlife Ecology University of Florida
Gese2 Eric PhD 1995 Wildlife Ecology University of Wisconsin-Madison
Long James PhD 1976 Forest Ecology and Silviculture University of Washington
Messmer Terry PhD 1990 Animal and Range Sciences North Dakota State University
Mock Karen PhD 2000 Biology, Population Genetics Northern Arizona University
Ramsey Robert PhD 1989 Geography University of Utah
Schupp Eugene PhD 1987 Biology University of Iowa
Villalba Juan PhD 1996 Range Science Utah State University
Associate Professor
King Michael PhD 1985 Wildlife Science Utah State University
MacNulty Daniel PhD 2007 Eceology, Evolution and Behavior University of Minnesota
Veblen Kari PhD 2008 Ecology University of California at Davis
Young2 Julie PhD 2006 Wildlife Sciences Utah State University
Extension Associate Professor
Burritt Elizabeth MS 1983 Animal Science Utah State University
Frey Shandra Nicole PhD 2005 Wildlife Biology Utah State University
Assistant Professor
Avgar Tai PhD 2013 Integrative Biology University of Guelph, Ontario
Chynoweth Mark PhD 2017 Biology University of Utah
Dahlgren David PhD 2009 Wildlife Biology Utah State University
Hulvey Kristin PhD 2010 Environmental Studies University of California-Santa Cruz
Kulmatiski Andrew PhD 2005 Biology Utah State University
Lutz James PhD 2008 Ecosystem Analysis University of Washington
Manlove Kezia PhD 2016 Biology Pennsylvania State University
Thacker Eric PhD 2010 Wildlife Sciences Utah State University
Yocom Larissa PhD 2011 Forest Ecology Northern Arizona University
Extension Assistant Professor
McAvoy Darren MS 1999 Communication Utah State University
Research Faculty
Burton Julia PhD 2011 Forest Science University of Wisconsin-Madison
Conner Mary PhD 1999 Wildlife Biology Colorado State University
1Federal Cooperator, 2Federal Research