Feb 19, 2020  
2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

Religious Studies Elective Courses

Choose 4 Religious Studies Elective Courses (12 credits)

* You may choose elective courses from the list below or you may choose any courses (not already taken) from the "Religious Traditions list"

RELS 3090  / (ANTH 3090) Introduction to Shamanism (DHA)  

RELS 3220  / (HIST 3220) Medeval European Civilization  

RELS 3270  / (HIST 3270) The Crusades (DHA)  

RELS 4350: Greek Intellectual History  

RELS 4560  / (HIST 4560) Women in Islam (DHA)  

RELS 4565  / (HIST 4565) Medieval Islam (DHA)  

RELS 4520: Religious Studies Editing Internship  

RELS 4910: Special Topics in Religious Studies  

RELS 4930: Directed Readings  (this course may only be taken once in fulfillment of major requirements, unless special permission is obtained)


ANTH 4110: Southwest Indian Cultures, Past and Present (DSS)  

ANTH 4130: Introduction to Medical Anthropology (DSS)  


ARTH 2710: Survey of Western Art: Prehistoric to Medieval (BHU)  

ARTH 3630: Medieval Art (CI/DHA)  


ENGL 3070: Folklore on the Internet (DHA)  


HIST 3110  / (ARTH 3110) Ancient Near East (CI/DHA)  

HIST 3150: Roman History (CI)  

HIST 3230: Early Modern Europe (DHA)  

HIST 3410: The Modern Middle East  

HIST 3460: Comparative Asian History (DHA)  

HIST 3850: History of Utah (DHA/CI)  

HIST 4250: The Reformation in Britain: 1450-1688  


PHIL 3100: Ancient Philosophy (CI)  

PHIL 3110: Medieval Philosophy  

PHIL 3180: Contemporary European Philosophy (CI)