Jul 15, 2019  
2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

BLA Portfolio Requirements

BLA Portfolio Requirements                                                                                                

Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


Applicants for matriculation to the upper division BLA in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning are required to submit a portfolio.  The portfolio is used to assess your creative potential, problem solving skills, graphic fluency, and aptitude for visual thinking and design, which will serve as an indicator of potential success within the LAEP curriculum.


Work shall be submitted in an 8.5 x 11 inch binder, with the student's name affixed to the outside.  Graphic work shall be displayed on a maximum of 10 single-sided, or 5 double-sided pages, using photographs, prints, or reproductions.  No original documents shall be submitted.   Briefly explain each exhibit adding a clear indication of your contribution when the exhibit is the work of a team.  Do not include slides, CD's, computer disks or videotapes.


A range of communications, visual and written skills along with overall creativity and intellectual aptitude, will be evaluated.  This can be portrayed in the portfolio by including examples drawn from exercises and projects completed in lower division LAEP courses.  Professional work done by the applicant, either on a self-employed basis or as an employee, may be included, but must clearly indicate the exact role of the applicant and the nature of their contribution in the execution of the work. 

The applicant may choose to include examples of other design-oriented work such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, and constructed designs (e.g., gardens, furniture, sculpture), as well as examples of non-graphic creative work (e.g., poetry, creative writing) not to exceed two of the allowable pages. Do not include non-professional materials such as personal and family photos.

In the front of the portfolio, the candidate is to place a Statement of Intent describing the applicant's specific background and interest in the major.  This statement shall be a maximum of 1200 words in length, and is in addition to the number of graphic pages noted above.  The Statement will be used to gauge the seriousness of purpose of the individual to pursue a career in landscape architecture, as well as to demonstrate thinking and writing skills and abilities.

Submission and Return of Portfolios:

Portfolios are to be submitted:

  • to LAEP Department Office, FAV 230
  • by 5:00 PM on the last Monday in March

Students submitting portfolios after the deadline will not be considered for matriculation for the upcoming fall semester.

Portfolios remain the property of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, and will not be returned to students.