Oct 20, 2019  
2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

Discipline Courses

ASTE 5260: Environmental Impacts of Agricultural Systems (CI)  

BIOL 4400: Plant Physiology (QI)  

BIOL 4410: Plant Structure  

BIOL 4421: Plant Taxonomy I  

BIOL 4422: Plant Taxonomy II  

BIOL 4430: Introduction to Plant Pathology  

BIOL 4500: Applied Entomology  

BIOL 5310: Soil Microbiology  

CEE 3430: Engineering Hydrology  

CEE 5000: Irrigation and Drainage of Agricultural Lands  

CEE 5003: Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces  

CEE 5190: Geographic Information Systems for Civil Engineers  

CHEM 3000: Quantitative Analysis (QI)  

GEO 3150: Energy in the Twenty-first Century (DSC/QI)  

GEO 3500: Minerals and Rocks  

GEO 3550: Sedimentation and Stratigraphy  

GEO 3600: Geomorphology  or WATS 3600: Geomorphology  

GEO 5150: Fluvial Geomorphology  

GEO 5510: Groundwater Geology (QI)  

GEO 5520: Techniques of Groundwater Investigations (CI)  

GEO 5600: Geochemistry  

GEO 5630: Geologic Image Analysis  

GEO 5680: Paleoclimatology  

PSC 1800: Introduction to Horticulture (BLS)  

PSC 2600: Herbaceous Plant Materials  

PSC 2620: Woody Plant Materials: Trees and Shrubs for the Landscape  

PSC 3100: Soils and Civilization (DSC)  

PSC 3200: Microbes in Environmental Action (DSC)  

PSC 3400: Arboriculture  

PSC 3600: An Introduction to Plant Breeding and Heredity  

PSC 3800: Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture  

PSC 3810: Turfgrass Management  

PSC 4000: Soil and Water Conservation  

PSC 4200: Temperate Zone Fruit Production  

PSC 4280: World Field Cropping Systems  

PSC 4320: Forage Production and Pasture Management  

PSC 4400: Modern Vegetable Production  

PSC 4500: Urban Soil Management  

PSC 4700: Irrigated Soils  

PSC 5003: Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces  

PSC 6100: Professional Turf and Urban Landscape Water Management  

PSC 5200: Site-Specific Agriculture and Landscape/Horticultural Management  

PSC 5270: Environmental Plant Physiology  

PSC 5310: Soil Microbiology  

PSC 5350: Wildland Soils  

PSC 5400: General Meteorology  

PSC 5430: Plant Nutrition  

PSC 5500: Environmental Physics of Land Ecosystems and Climate  

PSC 5530: Soil Health and Fertility (QI)  

PSC 5550: Fundamentals of Integrated Weed Management  

WATS 3700: Fundamentals of Watershed Science (CI)  

WATS 4500: Limnology: Ecology of Inland Waters  

WATS 4510: Aquatic Ecology Practicum  

WATS 4530: Water Quality and Pollution  

WATS 4930: Advanced GIS and Spatial Analysis  

WATS 5003: Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces  

WATS 5150: Fluvial Geomorphology  

WATS 5640: Riparian Ecology and Management  

WILD 3800: Wildland Plants and Ecosystems  

WILD 4750: Monitoring and Assessment in Natural Resource and Environmental Management  

WILD 4910: Assessment and Synthesis in Natural Resource Science (CI)  

WILD 5350: Wildland Soils  

WILD 5750: Applied Remote Sensing