Apr 09, 2020  
2011-2012 General Catalog 
2011-2012 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog at https://catalog.usu.edu/]

Credit by Departmental Examination

Matriculated students may challenge a course for credit by taking a departmental examination. Departments will determine if a course is appropriate for challenge; students should contact the instructor and/or department. If a challenge exam is available, the instructor should advise the student as to whether he or she has a reasonable chance of passing. The examination will survey knowledge of the course content and may include papers, projects, portfolios, etc.

Students challenging a course for which they are registered must do so within the first two weeks of the course. Students not registered will be required to pay a course-specific examination fee. Students who take a departmental examination will receive the exam grade posted to their transcript for that course. Credits earned through departmental examination can be used to meet the minimum USU course requirement.