May 28, 2024  
2023-2024 General Catalog 
2023-2024 General Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: To search archives, MUST use search box to left. Current catalog:


Utah State Board of Regents

Lisa Michele Church (Chair)
Jesselie Barlow Anderson (Vice Chair)
Grace Acosta
Stan L. Albrecht
Julie Beck
Stacey K. Bettridge
Rich Christiansen
Sanchaita Datta
Hope Eccles
Korianne Gibson (Student)
Patricia Jones
Arthur E. Newell
Shawn Newell
Steve Starks
Scott L. Theurer
Xitlalli Villanueva (Student)
Richard Wheeler

USU Board of Trustees

Terms expire in the years listed.

Kent K. Alder (Chair) 2025
John Y. Ferry (Vice Chair) 2025
Clara Alder 2023
Gina Gagon 2023
David H. Huntsman 2023
Kacie Malouf 2025
Wayne L. Niederhauser 2023
Steven L. Palmer 2023
David A. Petersen 2023
Jacey Skinner 2023
Tessa White 2025
Janalyn Brown (Secretary)  

University Administrative Officers

President Noelle E. Cockett
Vice President for Legal Affairs Mica McKinney
Provost and Chief Academic Officer Laurens H. Smith
Vice Provost Paul J. Barr
Senior Vice Provost Janet B. Anderson
Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement Janis L. Boettinger
Executive Vice President Robert W. Wagner
Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services David T. Cowley
Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services Dwight E. Davis
Associate Vice President for Facilities Ben Berrett
Controller Dan Christensen
Vice President for University Advancement Matthew T. White
Vice President for Research Lisa M. Berreau
Associate Vice President and Associate Dean Office of Research Blake Tullis
Vice Provost, Graduate Studies Richard Cutler
Associate Vice President, Office of Research Alexa Sand
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Eric Olsen
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services and Retention John D. Mortensen
Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Jane Irungu
Vice President for Extension and Agriculture Kenneth L. White
Associate Vice President for Extension Brian Higginbotham
Information Technology Services, Chief Information Officer, and Associate Vice President Eric S. Hawley
Vice President for Marketing and Communications William Plate
Interim Director of Athletics Jerry Bovee
Vice President for Government and External Affairs Devin Wiser

Deans of Academic Units

Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Dean Kenneth L. White
Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Student Services Mateja Savoie-Roskos
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Student Services Greg J. Cuomo

Arts, Caine College of the

Interim Dean Nicholas Morrison
Associate Dean, Faculty Development Interim Leslie Brott
Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Curriculum Richard L. Walker, Jr.
Associate Dean, Arts Education & Research Raymond Veon

Business, Jon M. Huntsman School of

Dean Douglas D Anderson
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs Chad A. Simon
Assistant Dean, Business and Finance Frank N. Caliendo
Associate Dean, Student and External Affairs Dave S. Patel

College of Veterinary Medicine

Interim Dean Dirk K. Vanderwall
Associate Dean, Academic Progress Heloisa M. Rutigliano
Associate Dean, Clinical Programs Kerry A. Rood

Education and Human Services, Emma Eccles Jones College of

Dean Alan L. Smith
Associate Dean, Accreditation and Undergraduate Affairs Sylvia Read
Associate Dean, Clinical Programs & Faculty Development Gretchen Peacock
Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies David Feldon
Associate Dean, Research & Innovation Shawn Whiteman
Associate Dean, Teacher Education Programs Sylvia Read


Dean Jagath J. Kaluarachchi
Senior Associate Dean, Academics and Student Services Thomas H. Fronk
Associate Dean, Research Rose Hu

Graduate Studies

Vice Provost Richard Cutler

Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean Joseph P. Ward
Associate Dean Rebecca Walton
Associate Dean, Research Julia Gossard
Executive Associate Dean Matthew L. Sanders


Dean Jennifer Duncan
Associate Dean for Instruction, Collections, Patron Services & Digital Initiatives Jeanne Davidson
Associate Dean for Special Collections, Digital and Cataloging Elizabeth B. Woolcott

Natural Resources

Dean Linda M. Nagel
Associate Dean for Research Karen H. Beard
Associate Dean for Academics Peter Howe


Dean Michelle A. Baker
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies Sean J. Johnson
Associate Dean, Research and Faculty Susannah S. French
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Services Gregory J. Podgorski

Heads of Academic Departments and Programs

Accountancy, School of Christopher J. Skousen
Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences (Interim) Abby D. Benninghoff
Applied Economics (Interim) Ryan C. Bosworth
Applied Sciences, Technology and Education Rebecca G. Lawver
Art and Design Kathy Puzey
Aviation and Technical Education Bruce E. Miller
Biological Engineering (Interim) Jixun Zhan
Biology Diane G. Alston
Chemistry and Biochemistry Lance C. Seefeldt
Civil and Environmental Engineering Marv Halling
Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education (Interim) Karen F. Munoz
Computer Science Xiaojun Qi
Data Analytics and Information Systems Christopher D. Corcoran
Economics and Finance Benjamin M. Blau
Electrical and Computer Engineering Jacob H. Gunther
Engineering Education Ning Fang
English Phebe Jensen
Environment and Society Claudia Radel
Geosciences Joel L. Pedersen
History Ravi Gupta
Honors Program Kristine Miller
Human Development and Family Studies Scot M. Allgood
Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Andrew E. Walker
Intensive English Language Institute Marta Halaczkiewicz
Journalism and Communication Susan A. Polster
Kinesiology and Health Science Eadric Bressel
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Keith M. Christensen
Management Vijay R. Kannan
Mathematics and Statistics (Interim) John R. Stevens
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Zhongquan Zheng (Charlie)
Music Cindy J. Dewey
Nursing Carma K. Miller
Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences Heidi J. Wengreen
Physics Jan J. Sojka
Plants, Soils, and Climate Paul G. Johnson
Political Science Damon Cann
Psychology Scott C. Bates
Social Work Jessica L. Lucero
Sociology and Anthropology Judson B. Finley
Special Education and Rehabilitation Thomas S. Higbee
Teacher Education and Leadership (Interim) Steven Camicia
Theatre Arts Paul T. Mitri
Veterinary Clinical & Life Sciences (Interim) Ralph Meyer
Watershed Sciences Patrick W. Belmont
Wildland Resources Karen E. Mock
World Languages and Cultures Crescencio Lopez Gonzalez