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2023-2024 General Catalog 
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College of Science

Dean: Michelle Baker
Location: Eccles Science Learning Center 245E
Phone: (435) 797-7131
Email: science@usu.edu
WWW: www.usu.edu/science/

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Services: Gregory Podgorski, ESLC 245L, (435) 797-2479, greg.podgorski@usu.edu

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies: Sean Johnson, ESLC 245K, (435) 797-2089, sean.johnson@usu.edu

Interim Associate Dean for Research and Faculty: Adele Cutler, ESLC 245J, (435) 797-2488, adele.cutler@usu.edu

The College of Science has the following departments and programs:

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Computer Science
Mathematics and Statistics

Degrees, emphases, specializations, and program descriptions are listed with the departments. In addition, there is a Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences (CASS).  The college also participates in an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental program in ecology which operates under the Ecology Center. The Ecology Center brings distinguished scientists to campus, fosters faculty research, and enhances graduate education in all areas of ecology.


USU has always emphasized the sciences. Modern civilization is based on science, most facets of which are fundamental in a land grant university.

Opportunities for rewarding careers are excellent in the fields of science. These opportunities exist in education, research, conservation, service, and industry.

The curricula of the science departments are designed to achieve five purposes:

First, they serve all students. No college graduate can be considered educated without an appreciation of scientific principles.

Second, the college trains teachers of science and mathematics at all levels of education. Highly competent teachers are absolutely essential to the continued well-being and development of society.

Third, students are prepared to take positions in industry and business in a highly technological world.

Fourth, education is provided in the health fields both at the preprofessional and entry level. The college has excellent programs in predental and premedical education with an exceptional record of placing students in dental and medical schools. Undergraduate degrees in the various departments of the college can be tailored to include predental and premedical training. Other programs prepare graduates to enter the health profession directly upon graduation.

Fifth, the College of Science educates research scholars in many fields of science. This is accomplished by completing a sound undergraduate degree in the field, followed by graduate specialization.

Students planning to enter the sciences are urged to discuss their plans and goals early with advisors, who are available in each academic department. Basic coursework in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and computer science is essential to most areas of science.

Admission Requirements

Students accepted in good standing by the university are eligible for admission to all departments in the College of Science.

College of Science Core Science Requirement

Every bachelor degree candidate in the College of Science must complete a year-long sequence outside of his or her major department. The approved sequences are: (1) BIOL 1610  and BIOL 1620 ; (2) CHEM 1210  and CHEM 1220 ; (3) CS 1400  and either CS 1410  or CS 1440 ; (4) GEO 1110 , GEO 1115  and GEO 3200 ; (5) PHYS 2110  and PHYS 2120 ; and (6) PHYS 2210  and PHYS 2220 . The CHEM 1110  and CHEM 1120  sequence will satisfy this requirement only for students enrolled in the Public Health Education Emphasis of the Public Health Major.


Scholarships are available through the college and some of the departments. Students should contact the college or their major department for further information about these scholarships. Information is also available at: http://www.usu.edu/science/.

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

Excellent graduate assistantships and fellowships are available in all departments. Assistantships are available both for teaching and research. Applications should be made directly to the department concerned. For more information, see the Graduate Financial Assistance  section in the School of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Programs

Graduate programs leading to the MS or PhD degree are available in each department in the college. In addition, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics  offers an MMath (Master of Mathematics) degree.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major

The College of Science participates in the Interdisciplinary Studies Major, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, which offers flexibility for qualifying students who cannot find an existing degree that meets their needs.

University Honors Program

The University Honors Program offers students in all colleges and majors the unique opportunity to deepen their educational experience with hands-on practical applications of their academic knowledge. The Honors Program admits incoming, transfer, and existing USU students based on application. High achieving students with at least one year remaining are encouraged to apply.  See the University Honors Program catalog entry and website (honors.usu.edu) for more information.

Undergraduate Research

The sciences provide an ideal setting for research. All departments within the College of Science provide opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research activities. Interested students should discuss this option with their academic advisor or with an associate dean in the college office.

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