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2012-2013 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2012) 
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Grading Deadlines

The deadline for instructors to submit final grades is within four business days after the last day of final examinations. The last day of final examinations typically occurs on a Friday, so the grading deadline is usually the following Thursday at 5:00 PM. Grades not reported by the deadline will become NGR (no grade reported). Actual deadlines are found in the Registration Calendar .

The associate deans and department heads have asked the Registrar’s Office to send them daily reports of all instructors who have not submitted grades, as well as grading reminders to these instructors, beginning the first business day after the conclusion of final examinations. The notice to instructors also includes the following consequences to students of not having grades submitted by the deadline.

1. Transcripts and Posting of Degrees.
Degrees are not posted until all grades are reported. In addition, students with NGR grades are unable to order transcripts for employment, graduate school, or transfer.

2. Financial Aid
NGR grades do not count toward credit earned and, as a result, may cause some students to lose their financial aid.

3. Academic Honors
NGR grades could inappropriately cause some students to miss the Dean’s List, and may also disqualify some students from earning an “A” Pin.

4. Academic Standing
NGR grades could inappropriately place some students in good standing, while in other instances NGR grades may inappropriately place some students on academic warning, academic probation, or academic suspension. NGR grades could prevent some students from being suspended who should be suspended.

5. Student-Athlete Eligibility
NGR grades could name some students ineligible for competition.

6. Registation for Future Semesters (Prerequisites)
NGR grades will prevent students from registering for any course that has a prerequisite, requiring a passing grade in the course not graded.