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2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) 
2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) ARCHIVED CATALOG: To search archives, use search box above. See current catalog at catalog.usu.edu.

Information Technology

Chief Information Officer: Eric Hawley
Location: Main 161C
Phone: (435) 797-1134
FAX: (435) 797-2646
E-mail: eric.hawley@usu.edu
WWW: http://it.usu.edu/

The Office of the Chief Information Officer has the following responsibilities: (1) enhance interaction and feedback by working with students, faculty, and staff to meet their information technology needs, (2) develop information technology systems that support the University, (3) design and maintain a University-wide network backbone, and (4) contribute to the strategic plan and mission of USU.

All questions and requests are welcome and can be met 24 hours per day, seven days per week by calling the IT Service Desk at (435) 797-HELP (4357).

Core Services

Information Technology (IT) core services include:

  1. Database Design and Administration
  2. Network Management (router and switch configuration, IP and DNS management, wireless networks)
  3. Physical Infrastructure (data center, cable, wiring and telephone services)
  4. Security (monitor systems, vulnerability tests, system backups, disaster recovery)
  5. Server and System Administration
  6. IT Customer Support
  7. Project/Business Management (SLAs and MOUs)

Faculty, Staff, and Student Services


Aggiemail is USU’s e-mail system for students, alumni, and emeriti. Aggiemail is hosted by Google and provided with the USU brand. Users are allowed only one Aggiemail account at a time. Aggiemail account names are based on preferred name settings in Banner, and Aggiemail passwords are the same passwords that students use to login to Banner. Login to Aggiemail at: https://aggiemail.usu.edu/

Aggies Exchange

Aggies Exchange is USU’s enterprise e-mail system for faculty and staff. Aggies Exchange provides calendaring and scheduling capabilities, as well as Web and client access. Accounts can be activated by clicking on the e-mail account activation link at: http://it.usu.edu/htm/services
Login to Aggies Exchange at: https://owa.usu.edu/


Banner is USU’s enterprise data management system and consists of the following components: (1) student information, (2) financial management, (3) human resources, and (4) grant management. The Banner administrative suite provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) and coordinated delivery of data, which allows USU to more efficiently manage institutional business processes and improve performance. In addition, Banner’s standards-based authentication helps USU manage the growing number of users who need access. Login to Banner at: http://banner.usu.edu/

Computer Purchasing

USU students, faculty, and staff can obtain quantity discounts on Apple and Dell computers. Apple computer purchases are placed through the USU Campus Store, and Dell computer purchases are placed through the USU Purchasing Office. For more information, visit:it.usu.edu/ctf

Computer Labs

The 11 open-access computer labs on campus provide a wide array of software for USU’s academic community. To learn more about the labs, lab software, and hours of operation visit:it.usu.edu/labs

Desktop/Software Support

IT Service Desk full-time support analysts provide faculty and staff with quick and efficient methods for trouble-shooting and diagnosing technology-related issues. Service-level agreements allow the Service Desk to proactively and consistently manage and maintain departmental desktop computers and printers. The Service Desk also provides one-on-one consultation. For desktop support, call the Service Desk at (435) 797-HELP (4357).

Hardware Repair/Data Recovery

To help students, faculty, and staff with their computing needs, IT provides a full-service hardware repair facility and data recovery services. The Service Desk is a Dell-certified repair and warranty service center and works with other computer vendors to provide the highest-level service. To learn more about hardware repair and data recovery services, call (435) 797-HELP (4357) or visit: http://it.usu.edu/htm/hardware/

Login and Password Assistance

Service Desk technicians are available to help customers login to e-mail (Aggiemail and Aggies Exchange), Adobe Connect, Banner, Blackboard, and the BlueZone network. For login assistance, call the Service Desk at (435) 797-HELP (4357).

Networking (BlueZone Wired, Wireless, and Wireless Secure)

BlueZone is the name of the USU Network. Both the wired and wireless networks are referred to as “the BlueZone.” To register any computer or device on the BlueZone network, go to: https://bluezone.usu.edu/

Programming and Design

Information Technology’s Programming and Design Team provides custom website and print design services. IT also provides a content management system (ezPlug) and custom Web applications for everything from inventory systems and large-file transfers to custom forms, online photo tours, and FAQ systems. For more information about programming and design services, call (435) 797-9505 or visit: http://it.usu.edu/pad/

Security Cameras

As the need for security increases, Information Technology is on hand to install CCTV security cameras. CCTV security cameras are equipped with the latest digital video surveillance technology and record video to the central server around-the-clock. Departments can observe the videos and monitor traffic from anywhere there is a network connection. For more information about CCTV security cameras, call (435) 797-4321.

Server Hosting (Physical and Virtual)

IT offers physical and virtual hosting services. Physical hosting services include IT provided rack space, UPS, cooling, network port, and cable and remote KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) control for departmental servers. With virtual hosting, departments can have servers up-and-running within 24 hours. Virtual hosting services include on-demand capacity and automated recovery. Both services (physical and virtual hosting) result in cost savings for departments. Call (435) 797-3333 for more information about physical hosting services, and (435) 797-3333 for more information about virtual hosting services.

Service Desk/Help Desk

The IT Service Desk is available to assist with technology-related issues and is equipped to handle any IT support request. The Service Desk is an Apple, Dell, and Sony certified warranty repair and support center. Technicians are certified to work on almost any Apple, Dell, or Sony component and will provide service for most computer systems. The Service Desk is centrally located on campus in the Janet Quinney Lawson (JQL) Building, directly across from the Emma Eccles Jones Education Building. For more information or assistance, call (435) 797-HELP (4357) or visit: http://it.usu.edu/servicedesk/

Smart Classrooms

Information Technology designs, installs, and maintains smart classrooms for instructional use. To schedule faculty training, call (435) 797-8880. For more information about smart classrooms, visit: http://it.usu.edu/classrooms/

Software Store

Information Technology negotiates with vendors to offer software to University departments at costs below regular educational pricing. A variety of software products are available for purchase. View software titles and pricing, and order online at: http://software.usu.edu/

Telephone Services

From the initial set-up to voice mail, long-distance authorization, calling cards, and equipment repair, Information Technology provides telephone services to USU departments and on-campus student housing. For more information or to report problems, call (435) 797-3335 or the IT Service Desk at (435) 797-HELP (4357).

Test Scanning and Grading

Information Technology provides test scanning and grading services for multiple-choice tests given with ScanTron forms. Scanning is done at the IT Service Desk, which is located in the Janet Quinney Lawson (JQL) Building (north entrance). For more information about test scanning and grading services, call (435) 797-0021 or visit: http://it.usu.edu/htm/facstaff/scantron

Virtual Private Network

By creating an encrypted stream between off-campus computers and campus, USU’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) server provides a secure, remote connection to the University network. Authorized users can access the University network from anywhere (home, hotel, conference, etc.) with a secure Internet connection. For more information about USU’s virtual private network, call (435) 797-HELP (4357) or visit: http://it.usu.edu/htm/networking/vpn/