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2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) 
2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]


Utah State Board of Regents

Terms expire in the years listed.

Bonnie Jean Beesley (Chair) Salt Lake City no set term
Daniel W. Campbell(Vice Chair) Provo 2015
Nina R, Barnes Cedar City 2018
Keith Buswell Ogden 2017
Leslie Castle Salt Lake City 2019
Wilford Clyde Springville 2017
France A. Davis Salt Lake City 2014
James T Evans Orem 2017
Marlin K. Jensen Huntsville 2018
Robert S. Marquardt Salt Lake City 2014
Erik Mikkelsen Logan 2014
Jed H. Pitcher Salt Lake City 2014
Robert W. Prince St. George 2017
Harris H. Simmons Salt Lake City 2018
Mark Stoddard Nephi 2017
Teresa L. Theurer Logan 2014
John H. Zenger Midway 2013
David L. Buhler,
     Commissioner of Higher Education
Salt Lake City  

USU Board of Trustees

Ronald W. Jibson (Chair) North Salt Lake City 2017
Scott R. Watterson (Vice Chair) Logan 2015
Jody K. Burnett Salt Lake City 2017
Douglas K. Fiefia Logan 2014
Linda Clark Gillmor   2017
Mark K. Holland N. Salt Lake City 2015
Susan D. Johnson Huntsville 2017
J. Scott Nixon Salt Lake City 2015
Stephen F. Noel   2015
Frank Peczuh, Jr. Price 2014
Suzanne Pierce-Moore Park City 2015
Sydney M. Peterson (Secretary) Logan  

University Administrative Officers

President Stan L. Albrecht
Chief of Staff Sydney M. Peterson
General Counsel Craig J. Simper
Special Assistant to the President F. Ross Peterson
Executive Vice President and Provost Noelle E. Cockett
  Vice Provost TBA
  Executive Senior Vice Provost Laurens H. "Larry" Smith, Jr.
  Vice Provost for Regional Campuses and Distance Education Travis R. Peterson
  Vice Provost and Executive Director, Regional Campuses and Distance Education Robert W. Wagner
  Vice Provost for International Education, Office of Global Engagement Mary S. Hubbard
Vice President for Business and Finance David T. Cowley
  Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services Dwight E. Davis
  Associate Vice President for Facilities Charles Darnell
  Controller Dan Christensen
  Vice President for University Advancement and Commercialization Robert T. Behunin
Vice President for Research and Dean of School of the Graduate Studies Mark R. McLellan
  Associate Vice President and Associate Dean Office of Research and Graduate Studies Jeffery R. Broadbent
  Associate Vice President and Associate Dean Office of Research and Graduate Studies Scott Bates
  Associate Vice President  and Associate Dean Office of Research and Graduate Studies Richared Inouye
Vice President for Student Services James D. Morales
  Associate Vice President Eric R. Olsen
  Assistant Vice President John D. Mortensen
Vice President for Extension and Agriculture Kenneth L. White
  Associate Vice President for Extension Brian Higginbotham
Information Technology Services, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President Eric S. Hawley
Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing Tim Vitale
Vice President and Director of Athletics S. Scott Barnes
Director of Government Relations Neil Abercrombie
Assistant Attorney General Robert D. Barclay

Deans of Academic Units


Dean Kenneth L. White
  Associate Dean, Academic Programs Janet B. Anderson

Arts, Caine College of the

Dean Craig D. Jessop
  Sr Associate Dean Nicholas Morrison
  Associate Dean Christopher Terry

Business, Jon M. Huntsman School of

Dean Douglas D. Anderson
  Executive Dean and Chief Administrative Officer Kenneth C. Snyder
  Assistant Dean Dave Patel
  Associate Dean Frank Caliendo
  Counselor to the Dean Clifford R. Skousen

Education and Human Services, Emma Eccles Jones College of

Dean Beth E. Foley
  Associate Dean, Teacher Education, Graduation, and Educator Licensing Francine Fukui Johnson
  Associate Dean, Research James T. Dorward
  Associate Dean, School of Teacher Education and Leadership Martha T. Dever


Dean H. Scott Hinton
  Associate Dean V. Dean  Adams
  Associate Dean Christine E. Hailey
  Associate Dean Jagath J. Kaluarachchi

Graduate Studies (combining with Vice President of Research)

Dean Mark R. McLellan
  Associate Dean Shelley L. Knudsen Lindauer
  Associate Dean Steven V. Beck

Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean John C. Allen
  Associate Dean Charles Huenemann
  Associate Dean Patricia Lambert


Dean Richard W. Clement
  Associate Dean for Public Services John A. Elsweiler, Jr.
  Associate Dean for Technical Services Betty Rozum
  Associate Dean for Special Collections and Archives Bradford R. Cole

Natural Resources

Dean Chris Luecke
  Associate Dean Karen Mock


Dean James A. MacMahon
  Associate Dean Richard J. Mueller
  Associate Dean Lisa M. Berreau

Heads of Academic Departments and Programs

Accountancy, School of Larry M. Walther
Aerospace Studies Karilynne Wallace
Agricultural Systems Technology and Education Bruce E. Miller
Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Kenneth L. White
Applied Economics Dillon Feuz
Applied Sciences, Technology and Education Bruce E. Miller
Art Laura Gelfand
Biological Engineering Ronald C. Sims
Biology Alan Savitzky
Chemistry and Biochemistry Alvan C. Hengge
Civil and Environmental Engineering Craig Adams
Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Kim Corbin-Lewis
Computer Science Dan Watson
Economics and Finance Tyler J. Bowles
Electrical and Computer Engineering Todd K. Moon
Engineering Education V. Dean Adams
English Jeannie B. Thomas
Environment and Society Mark W. Brunson
Family, Consumer, and Human Development Scot M. Allgood
Geology W. David Liddell
Health, Physical Education and Recreation Dennis Dolny
History Tammy Proctor
Honors Program Nicholas Morrison (Interim)
Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Mimi Recker
Intensive English Language Institute Ann E. Roemer
Journalism and Communication Thomas Terry
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Sean Michael
Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies Bradford 'J' Hall
Management James Davis
Management Information Systems David H. Olsen
Mathematics and Statistics D. Richard Cutler
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Robert Spall
Military Science Matthew Badell
Music James Michael Bankhead
Nursing Program (with Weber State University) Jonny Kelly
Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences Charles E. Carpenter
Physics Jan J. Sojka
Plants, Soils, and Climate Teryl R. Roper
Political Science Bradley Thayer
Psychology Gretchen G. Peacock
Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology Leon Anderson
Special Education and Rehabilitation Benjamin Lignugaris/Kraft
Teacher Education and Leadership, School of Martha T. Dever
Theatre Arts Kenneth Risch
Watershed Sciences Charles Hawkins (Interim)
Wildland Resources Michael Kuhns (Interim)

Student Services Units

Academic Resource Center Dennis M. Kohler
Access and Diversity Center Michelle R. Bogdan
Admissions Katie Nielsen
Campus Recreation Kevin J. Kobe
Career Services Donna E. Crow
Counseling and Psychological Services David W. Bush
Disability Resource Center Dave  Pruden (Interim Director)
Financial Aid Patti Kohler
Registrar's Office A. Roland Squire
Scheduling, Taggart Student Center Suzann R. Miller
Statesman (student newspaper) To Be Determined
Student Conduct Krystin Deschamps
Student Health and Wellness Center James W. Davis
Student Involvement and Leadership Center Linda Zimmermen
Student Orientation and Transition Services Lisa Hancock
Student Support Services Nazih T. Al-Rashid
Taggart Student Center Eric R. Olsen
Testing Services (Career Services) Eric W. Jensen
University Advising Stephanie W. Hamblin
University Conservation Corps (UCC) Sean Damitz

Other Areas of Service

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Office David L. Ottley
Alumni Relations Patricia A. Halaufia
USU Campus Store David Hansen
Budget and Planning Office Whitney J. Pugh
Cashiers Office Brent D. Sorenson
Computer Labs (Information Technology Student Technology Services) Gary D. Egbert
Controllers Office Rick G. Allen
Dining Services Alan J. Andersen
Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching (FACT) Robert Wagner
Housing Services Steven C. Jenson
Human Resources BrandE Faupell
Information Technology Service Desk (Help Desk) Stephen Funk
Innovation Campus Ned M. Weinshenker
International Students and Scholars Mary Hubbard
Parking and Transportation Services James Nye
Police (University) Steven J. Mecham
Publication Design and Production Dale P. Smith
Purchasing Services Paul Bowman
Space Dynamics Laboratory Niel Holt
Study Abroad Program Kay W. Forsyth
Ticket Office Stephanie Plueard
University Inn Leila M. Neilson
University Press and Scholarly Publications Michael Spooner
Writing Center Star Coulbrooke