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2013-2014 General Catalog (Spring 2014) 
2013-2014 General Catalog (Spring 2014) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog at https://catalog.usu.edu/]

University Advancement

Chief Operating Officer for University Advancement: Annette Herman Harder
Logan Office: Main 101B, (435) 797-1158, FAX (435) 797-1364
Salt Lake City Office: Wells Fargo Center, 299 South Main Street, Suite 220, Salt Lake City UT 84111, (801) 961-1343, FAX (801) 961-1350, annette.herman@usu.edu

Associate Vice President for University Advancement:  Joan Scheffke, Main 101A, (435) 797-1158, FAX (435) 797-1364, joan.scheffke@usu.edu

Assistant Vice President for University Advancement: Kevin Rice, Main 101F, (435) 797-2645,FAX (435) 797-1364, kevin.rice@usu.edu

Director of Stewardship Programs: Jan Appuhn, Main 112, (435) 797-1280, FAX (435) 797-1364, jan.appuhn@usu.edu

Director of Annual Giving: Tonya R. Davis, Main 101D, (435) 797-0967, FAX (435) 797-1364, tonya.davis@usu.edu

Director of Advancement Services: April Jensen, Main 106, (435) 797-3583, FAX (435) 797-1364, april.jensen@usu.edu

Director of Alumni Marketing and Membership: Brandon Taylor, David B. Haight Alumni Center, (435) 797-8537, FAX (435) 797-2591, brandon.taylor@usu.edu

Director of Development Publications: Jared H. Thayne, Main 112C, (435) 797-1153, FAX (435) 797-1364, jared.thayne@usu.edu

Public Relations and Marketing: John DeVilbiss, Public Relations and Marketing 207, (435) 797-1358, FAX (435) 797-1250, john.devilbiss@usu.edu

Public Relations and Marketing: Tim Vitale, Public Relations and Marketing 204, (435) 797-1356, FAX (435) 797-1250, tim.vitale@usu.edu

Executive Director of Alumni Relations: Patty Halaufia, David B. Haight Alumni Center, (435) 797-2053, FAX (435) 797-2591, patty.halaufia@usu.edu

Associate Executive Director of Alumni Relations and Director of Events and Awards: Cecile Gilmer, David B. Haight Alumni Center, (435) 797-8275, FAX (435) 797-2591, cecile.gilmer@usu.edu

Alumni Program Director: Craig Whyte, David B. Haight Alumni Center, (435) 797-7399, FAX (435) 797-2591, craig.whyte@usu.edu

Director of Alumni Chapters and Travel: Scott Olson, David B. Haight Alumni Center, (435) 797-0931, FAX (435) 797-2591, scott.olson@usu.edu

Director of Alumni Marketing and Membership: Kimberly A. Larson, David B. Haight Alumni Center, (435) 797-8537, FAX (435) 797-2591, kimberly.larson@usu.edu

University Advancement is the public face of Utah State University, managing the University’s relationships with its alumni, friends, and the public. The Advancement Office has three components: the Alumni Association, Public Relations and Marketing, and Development. Alumni Relations’ charge is to build and maintain strong connections with its alumni around the globe. Public Relations and Marketing holds responsibility for the public image of the University, telling the University’s stories. The Office of Development provides resources for the University by securing private sources of funding.

The Office of Development’s responsibility for raising private funds includes every aspect of relationship building, from publishing magazines and newsletters that keep donors connected and informed to ensuring that gifts are stewarded properly and holding celebrations to thank donors for their contributions.

Private gifts to the University augment declining state support and enable the University to build up-to-date facilities, conduct cutting-edge research, create innovative academic programs, and showcase exciting performers and guest speakers. Moreover, private support provides scholarships for deserving students who otherwise would not be able to afford the cost of higher education.

University Advancement provides professional assistance to the Utah State University community in the area of charitable giving. For further information on how to transmit gifts of cash, securities, or in-kind property to the University through a number of tax-friendly strategies, contact University Advancement, Main 101, 1440 Old Main Hill, Logan UT 84322-1440, (435) 797-1158 or toll-free (888) OLD-MAIN (653-6246).

Development Officers

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences:

Brandon Monson, Agricultural Science 214, (435) 797-2208, FAX (435) 797-7470, brandon.monson@usu.edu

Caine College of the Arts:

Joyce Albrecht, UPRES 206, (435) 797-1324, FAX (435) 797-7941, joyce.albrecht@usu.edu

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business: 

Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services:

Frank Stewart, Education 116, (435) 797-1611, FAX (435) 797-3939, frank.stewart@usu.edu

College of Engineering:

Val Potter, Engineering 413, (435) 797-8012, FAX (435) 797- 2769, val.potter@usu.edu

College of Humanities and Social Sciences: 

Don Murray, Main 332, (435) 797-8325, FAX (435) 797-1092, donald.murray@usu.edu

S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources: 

College of Science:

Tom Hale, ESLC 245M, (435) 797-8325, FAX (435) 797-3378, tom.hale@usu.edu


Kent Stanley, Spectrum 301, (435) 797-2870, FAX (435) 797-2615, kent.stanley@usu.edu

Major Gifts:

Joseph Jenkins, Main 101G, (435) 797-3510, FAX (435) 797-1364, joseph.jenkins@usu.edu


Richard W. Clement, Dean, Libraries and Instructional Support, Merrill-Cazier Library 250, (435) 797-2687, FAX (435) 797-2880, richard.clement@usu.edu

Utah Public Radio-KUSU:

Bryan K. Earl, Multimedia and Distance Learning Services 108C, (435) 797-3107, FAX (435) 797-3150, bryan.earl@usu.edu

Nora Zambreno, Multimedia and Distance Learning Services 118E, (435) 797-9507, FAX (435) 797-3150, nora.zambreno@usu.edu

Utah Botanical Center:

David Anderson, Agricultural Science 148, (435) 797-1984, FAX (435) 797-8015, david.anderson@usu.edu

Uintah Basin Campus: 

University Alumni Association

President: Ralph W. Binns
Executive Director of Alumni Relations:

Patty Halaufia, David B. Haight Alumni Center, (435) 797-2053 or (800) 291-2586

The Utah State University Alumni Association numbers more than 180,000 members. This membership includes all who have attended USU for one semester (or one quarter) or more, or who have served on the staff or faculty of the University.

The mission of the Alumni Association is to promote the interests and welfare of Utah State University, as well as that of USU alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends.

The governance of the association is vested in the Executive Board. The board is comprised of the president and vice president of the association, the vice president of University Advancement, the president of the Associated Students of USU, the president of the Emeriti, the president of the Young Alumni, the president of the Student Alumni Association, a College Alumni/Development representative, a University faculty representative, the University Athletic Director, the director of Alumni Relations, the immediate past president of the association, and representatives of regional alumni chapters selected by the Council of Chapter Presidents with the approval of the Executive Board.

The Alumni Association is the medium through which former students maintain contact with the University and are served after leaving the campus. Efforts are made to maintain a complete record of every former student throughout life, and his or her accomplishments and progress are recorded. The association maintains alumni volunteers and chapter organizations throughout Utah and in major areas where former students are located. Through the association, former students are kept in contact with each other, and they meet and participate in business and social activities. They likewise assist the University with special projects in their areas.

The Alumni Association takes the leadership in sponsoring such campus events as Homecoming, Founders Day, Distinguished Service Awards, Aggie Family Day, and reunions. The association also provides opportunities for travel through the alumni travel program, and aids in athletic and other school activities.