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2013-2014 General Catalog (Spring 2014) 
2013-2014 General Catalog (Spring 2014) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog at https://catalog.usu.edu/]

Career Services

Director: Donna E. Crow
Location: University Inn 102, ground level
Phone: (435) 797-7777
E-mail: donna.crow@usu.edu
WWW: http://www.usu.edu/career

Derek Jack, Career Exploration, (Education and Human Services), UI 102, 435-797-1749, derek.jack@usu.edu
Randy Jensen, (Ag. Nat., Resources & Gov, HaSS), UI 102, 435-797-1732, randy.jensen@usu.edu
Eddy Tsing, (Business, Huntsman School of), UI 102, 435-797-1748, eddy.tsing@usu.edu
Melissa Schaeffer, (Engineering), UI 102, 435-797-1755, melissa.sch@usu.edu
Donna Crow, (Science), UI 102, 435-797-3588, donna.crow@usu.edu

Career Services is the link between students and successful career employment. A dedicated group of career coaches is ready to help by offering expertise in four broad areas related to career paths. These four areas are briefly outlined below.

Career Exploration

A variety of exploratory activities and assessments are available to help students develop self-awareness in selecting a major and focusing on career choices suiting their needs, interests, and abilities. In addition, PSY 1220  (3 credits), a Career and Life Planning course, is taught to help students more fully explore career options.


Students who participate in this program can graduate with the experience employers are looking for. Students can receive pay and academic credit for one or more relevant work experiences in their field of study.

Graduate School Preparation and Testing

Students planning to attend graduate school can receive help in the preparation of their graduate school applications and personal essays. Tests are also available for undergraduate and graduate schools, credit by examination (CLEP), and admissions tests. Tests available include: ACT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, LSAT (Law), MCAT (medical), and the Miller Analogies Test. Test times can be scheduled directly by calling (435) 797-1004.

Career Employment

From on-campus recruiting to fairs, expos, and forums, a wide variety of services are offered to assist students in obtaining employment upon graduation. Students can meet their career coach one-on-one to discuss resume/cover letter preparation, networking contacts (both employer and alumni), and personal career search strategies.

Whether students are sure of what they want to do after leaving Utah State University or are just beginning to think about their career options, their career coach can help. By visiting Career Services early and often, students can take control of their future.

Cooperative Education Internship Program

The Cooperative Education Internship Program offers both undergraduate and graduate students a unique opportunity to integrate career, social, and personal development into the educational process. The program is designed to allow students to alternate classroom study with a series of paid preprofessional work experiences related to their field of study. These experiences increase in complexity as the student’s background in a given field increases.

The program offers several specific benefits to students. It provides those students who have decided on an academic major an opportunity to obtain pregraduation work experience in their chosen career. The program provides those students who are unsure of their academic major an opportunity to explore several career possibilities. It provides them a chance to earn money for their education and credit toward their degree. Finally, it substantially improves the students’ opportunities for employment after graduation.

The Cooperative Education Internship Program option is available in all departments on the Utah State University campus. Generally speaking, students begin their work experiences in their sophomore or junior year, although seniors can take advantage of program benefits. Students can undertake either part- or full-time work experiences. Work experiences are available both during the academic year and during the summer. These work experiences may be with a single employer or with different employers; increasing complexity is the critical principle. Salaries vary with the field of work and the complexity of the job.

The amount of academic credit awarded for a given work experience varies, and depends upon the amount of work completed and upon the career-related nature of the experience. The decision regarding credit and the amount to be granted rests with the academic department, and specifically the faculty co-op/internship coordinators. Students must make the credit arrangement with their faculty co-op/internship coordinators prior to their work experience.

Students interested in entering or learning more about the program should contact their academic department; or visit Career Services, located in University Inn 102, ground level, tel. (435) 797-7777. Additional information can also be found online at: http://www.usu.edu/career/internships/