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2010-2011 General Catalog 
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2010-2011 General Catalog


Whether you are registering or still checking us out, Utah State is a wonderful choice for students. This is a university where academics come first. Here you will receive a complete learning experience—friendly, award-winning teaching and an opportunity to do cutting-edge research at an institution ranked by the Carnegie Foundation in the top four percent of research universities.

Our programs literally stretch from under the soil to soaring in space. We are both a land-grant university, which began more than a century ago as an agricultural college, and a space-grant university, whose students and faculty have sent more payloads through the atmosphere than any other university in the world. In between are courses in eight academic colleges leading to more than 200 undergraduate and graduate options.

Inside this catalog is an array of classes, mostly taught by full-time faculty, not by teaching assistants as at many other large universities. I encourage you to browse through the catalog and find classes that will help prepare you to make a living, as well as courses that will help you enjoy life. Both are important.

Your experience here should not end in the classroom and lab. There are more than 200 student clubs and organizations, for just about every interest. We have a large intramural sports program, and you can cheer on Aggie varsity teams, which play in the top division of the NCAA.

Some 80 percent of our students live on campus or in student houses and apartment complexes in this friendly, picturesque city. Our University family is a community within a community. It does not take long to feel at home here.

Again, welcome, and have a great school year.

Stan L. Albrecht

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