Aug 10, 2020  
2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog

DSME 1360 - Mobile Electrical and Electronics Lab

3 credits

Hands-on experience is given to the student enrolled in DSME 1360. Each individual type of testing equipment is demonstrated as well as techniques given for troubleshooting, servicing and testing electrical systems: Students demonstrate their proficiency using this equipment to test batteries, starters and the starting system, the alternator and charging system, gauges, lights and accessories, engine sensors, as well as the wiring harness and connections used in each of these systems. Particular emphasis is placed on component identification, isolating component failures, and electrical safety procedures for both personal safety as well as preventing electrical system damage.

Campus: USU Eastern only

Course Fee: $40.00
This listing includes updates which are effective beginning Spring 2019.