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2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) 
2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

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MUSC 3260 - Elementary School Music

2 credits

Methods and materials in singing, rhythms, creating music, listening, using classroom instruments, fundamentals of music, and movement skills, with emphasis on contemporary approaches to music education.

Prerequisite/Restriction: Enrollment limited to students who have earned at least 45 credits and who have been accepted into one of the following majors: Pre-music, music education, music therapy, pre-early childhood education, pre-elementary education, early childhood education, special education, composite early childhood education/special education, composite early childhood education/elementary education, communicative disorders and deaf education, composite early childhood education/deaf education, elementary education, composite elementary education/special education, composite elementary education/early childhood education, or composite elementary education/deaf education. MUSC 1010  (Recommended).

Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

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