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2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) 
2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog at https://catalog.usu.edu/]

PSC 6200 - Biogeochemistry of Terrestrial Ecosystems

3 credits

Inputs, outputs, and cycling patterns of major nutrients. Emphasis on mechanisms for transformations, factors influencing process rates, and the impacts of management and global change on nutrient cycles and air and water quality.

Prerequisite/Restriction: BIOL 1620 , PSC 3000 , CHEM 2300  or CHEM 2310 , or permission of instructor.

Cross-listed as: BIOL 6200  and WILD 6200 .

Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: Fall, Odd Years