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2021-2022 General Catalog 
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Dietetics Administration - MDA

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College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences

The MDA degree is a professional degree with online coursework designed to provide dietitians with in-depth training in management and leadership in food and nutrition program administration. Nationwide, there is a need for professionally trained managers at local, district, state, and federal levels in food and nutrition programs, including school, university, and hospital food services; public health programs; and clinical management. This program provides in-depth training in financial management, human resource management, marketing, and dietetics-specific management and entrepreneurship.

MDA Admission Requirements

Candidates for the MDA program must qualify for one of the following categories:

  • Option 1: Must have completed the USU Distance Dietetics Internship within the last six years 
  • Option 2: Must be currently registered as a dietitian and working in the dietetics profession.

Students seeking entry must also satisfy:

  1. Admission requirements of the USU School of Graduate Studies
  2. Admission requirements of the NDFS Department
  3. Admission requirements of the MDA program, including a letter of application and an approved Program of Study.

MDA Program of Study

Option 1

Option 1 is tailored for applicants who have completed the USU Distance Dietetics Internship within six years of applying for the MDA. There are two tracks of study for students choosing Option 1.

Practicum Project Track

The Practicum Project Track is a professional program comprised of 18 credits of coursework including a practicum project.  Students choosing this track should be employed in the dietetics field during the program.  Students can complete the coursework in three semesters beginning Fall semester of each year.  A longer timeframe is available for students who prefer less coursework per semester. The professional program track does not require travel to the USU Logan campus.

The coursework plan for completing the program in three semesters is as follows:



  • Elective 3
  • Practicum project implementation and final report

Research Project Track

The Research Project Track includes a Plan B research project. Students must complete a minimum of 41 credits and a Plan B research project. The completed USU Distance Dietetics Internship provides 26 of the 41 credits.  Students completing this track will need to attend a research project defense meeting held at the USU Logan Campus.  

Following the internship, 15 additional credits are required including:

Option 2

Option 2 is tailored to the registered dietitian that is working in the dietetics field and did not complete the USU Dietetic Internship within the past 6 years. A minimum of 33 credits is required for the Practicum Project Track and 30 credits are required for the Plan B Research Track. Students must complete at least 18 credits from the NDFS Department.  The remaining coursework will be based on approved electives that support the student’s career goals and development of management and leadership skills.

The following courses are required:

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