Apr 03, 2020  
2020-2021 General Catalog (Year Under Revision) 
2020-2021 General Catalog (Year Under Revision)

Welding - CC

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Utah State University-Eastern

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education

Certificate of Completion

The Certificate of Completion in welding is offered through the Professional and Applied Technology Education Division and is designed for students who wish to pursue employment in the welding industry after completing a one year sequence of courses.  To obtain a Certificate of Completion in welding, students must complete 23 credit hours in welding plus 9 credit hours general education classes including specific communication, math, and human relations courses.  An example of courses that fill these requirements follow: 

Admission Requirements

1. New freshman admitted to USU-Eastern in good standing qualify for admission to this program

2. Transfer students from other institutions need a 2.5 GPA for admission to this major

3. Students transferring from other USU-Eastern majors need an overall GPA of 2.5 for admission to this major

4. No welding courses below a C- may be applied toward meeting graduation requirements

5. Visual acuity requirements: 20/40 vision and Jaeger J-2 at 12 inches, with or without corrective lenses. If corrective lenses are required to attain this level of visual acuity, the corrective lenses must be worn during class periods.

The following courses would be a typical way of meeting the credit hour requirements for a Certificate of Completion in Welding:

A certificate of completion in welding requires successful completion of 23 credit hours of WELD courses.  Any of the courses beginning with the WELD prefix can be used to satisfy this requirement. Listed below is one of many possible combinations of courses that could be used to satisfy the requirements for a one year certificate. Consult with your advisor for other options.

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