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2021-2022 General Catalog 
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Chinese Teaching - Minor

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of World Languages and Cultures

Chinese Teaching Emphasis Minor Requirements (49 credits)

  • Total Credits: 49 (20 credits + 29 STEP credits)
  • Grade Point Average to Declare Chinese Teaching Minor: 2.5 Overall GPA
  • Grade Point Average to Graduate with Chinese Teaching Minor: 2.5 GPA within minor coursework
  • Credits in Residence: At least half (50 percent) of the credits earned for the minor must be earned at USU. Students who have completed bridge courses should contact their advisor as these courses will count toward elective credits and credits in residence.
  • Minimum Grade Requirement: All courses for the minor require a minimum grade of C or better. Courses for the minor may not be taken on a pass/fail basis with the exception of SCED 3300  and SCED 5630 .

Teaching Emphasis with Secondary School Licensure


The following requirements only specify courses offered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures. To be licensed to teach in the Utah public secondary school system, students with a teaching emphasis must also complete additional courses (approximately 29 credits) required by the Secondary Education Program. Courses may be subject to change, and students should contact the Secondary Education Advising Office for a current course list of STEP requirements.

Students should note that only one credit of CHIN 4920  may count towards the Chinese Minor - Teaching Emphasis. In addition, courses taken for the Chinese minor programs may not be taken on a pass/fail basis.

For a teaching major or minor there is a minimum “C” grade requirement in all STEP and minor content required courses.

Chinese and Linguistics Courses (21 credits)


CHIN 2050  is a required transition course that is intended for students who have not had extensive experience living in a Chinese community. CHIN 2050  is required after CHIN 2010  and before CHIN 3010  and does not count towards the Chinese minor. For students with at least one year of extensive experience speaking Mandarin Chinese in a Mandarin-speaking environment (e.g., returned missionaries), CHIN 2050  is waived and the student should take CHIN 3010  after they have tested in the World Languages and Cultures Department (Cantonese speakers should take CHIN 2050 ).

A. Required Courses (12 credits)


1 Only one credit of CHIN 4920  may count toward the Chinese Minor or Chinese Minor - Teaching Emphasis.

2 Students desiring to apply study abroad credits toward these degrees must obtain approval from the World Languages and Cultures office prior to participating.

3 SCED 3300  and LING 5400  must be taken during the same semester, and should be the last courses taken for the minor. These courses should be taken the fall semester before student teaching. LING 5400  is listed in both the STEP and minor requirements for seeking the Chinese Teaching Minor/non-licensure so the non-licensure minors understand the complete of minor requirements. See additional non-licensure information at bottom of page.

4 This course is repeatable for credit.

This course is repeatable for credit up to a maximum of 3 credits.

While this course may be repeated for additional credit, only 1 credit may count toward requirements for the Chinese major or minor.

Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) (29 credits)

Several of the courses below will count for both the Chinese Teaching Minor and STEP requirements.

B. Level II

C. Level III

Because student teaching requires a major commitment of time and energy, students should take only the courses listed below during this semester. Students are also urged to forgo outside employment, if possible, during the student teaching experience.


1 Clinical Experience I course is taught under course number 3300 in various departments. Course title varies among departments.

2 SCED 3300  and LING 5400  must be taken during the same semester and should be the last courses taken for the minor. See non-licensure information below.

3 CHIN 4100  should be completed if possible before SCED 3300  and LING 5400 . CHIN 4100  is listed in both the STEP and minor requirements for those seeking the Chinese Teaching minor/with licensure. See non-licensure information below.

Chinese Teaching Emphasis Minor without Secondary School Licensure

(20 credits)

(2.5 GPA required in minor classes)

It is possible to have a teaching emphasis within a minor in Chinese without receiving secondary school teaching licensure. However, unless the student is an elementary education major, he or she would not be able to teach in Utah public schools (nor at many private ones). Graduating without licensure may allow employment at community colleges and universities.

In order to complete a Chinese Minor - Teaching Emphasis without Secondary School Licensure, students must fulfill all of the requirements listed under Section I (Chinese and Linguistics Courses) of the Chinese Minor - Teaching Emphasis with Secondary School Licensure (21 credits), except for SCED 3300 , for a total of 20 credits (SCED 3300  for the teaching minor is no longer required if doing non-licensure Chinese Teaching minor program).

Related Programs

  • Chinese Minor: 16 credits
  • Chinese Minor, Teaching Emphasis without Licensure: 20 credits
  • Chinese Major: 33 credits

Licensure Notification

This program typically leads to licensure and was designed to meet licensing qualifications in the state of Utah. If students wish to work in another state within the United States, they should review the qualifications for that state and the Education Licensure Compliance Table provided by School of Teacher Education and Leadership.

For more information, please contact the School of Teacher Education and Leadership at