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2021-2022 General Catalog 
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General Technology: General Business - AAS

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Department of Aviation and Technical Education 

Utah State University and the Utah System of Technical Colleges (USTC) have combined to offer the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in General Technology. This degree is ordinarily a terminal degree, but if students desire, they may continue on to a higher degree such as a bachelor’s degree.

Admissions Requirements for this Program

New freshmen Admitted to USU in Good Standing


Transfer students from other institutions or other programs at USU 2.20 GPA


First Year

 Fall Semester


General Education Info and Notes:


Spring Semester


General Education Info and Notes:

To be admitted to the program, students should have completed or be admitted into and enrolled to complete one of the following:

  • Approved Utah Technical College 900+ hour certificate
  • Multiple approved Certificates of Proficiency leading to a cohesive technical program
  • Approved Certificates of Completion

Second Year

 Fall Semester


General Education Info and Notes:


Spring Semester


General Education Info and Notes:

ENGL 1010: Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose (CL1)   3     BUSN 2200: Business Communications   3    

APEC 1600: Natural Resources and American Economic Institutions (BAI)  or ECN 1500: Introduction to Economic Institutions, History, and Principles (BAI)  (preferred), or other BAI course

3  or 3   Breadth American Institutions (BAI)  Courses  Emphasis Course 3 Choose from list below
Breadth Humanities (BHU)  Course or Breadth Social Sciences (BSS)  Course  3 Choose any Quantitative Literacy (QL)  Course 4 Choose any
BUSN 2320: Small Business Management - CTE (HR)   3     Breadth Life Sciences (BLS)  Course or Breadth Physical Sciences (BPS)  Course  3 Choose any
Emphasis Course 3 Choose from list below Emphasis Course 3 Choose from list below
Emphasis Course 2 Choose from list below      

CommentsTake the ALEKS Math Placement Test if QL is still needed.


Comments: Students may be eligible for their AAS after this semester. See advisor for more information.

Admission Information

Students are admitted into this program through the university’s regular admission process.

1. New freshmen admitted to USU in good standing qualify for admission to this major.

2. Transfer students from other institutions and from other USU majors need a 2.20 overall GPA for admission to this major in good standing.

3. Students who have completed a 900+ hour program at a USTC institution may apply to USU for admission to this program.

For additional information, or to complete an online application, visit:

Degree Requirements

There are four emphasis options for students. These options include General Business, Design and Creative Arts, Technology Systems, and Allied Health Systems.

A student will complete 15-16 credits of general education, including one course in English composition, a math course, and nine credits of breadth area courses (humanities or social science, physical science or life science, and American Institutions). There are two business core classes that all students will take, satisfied by BUSN courses or those approved by the advisor. In addition, the student will complete an emphasis area (usually 11-12 credits). The remainder of the student’s credits will be made up of transfer credits from a USTC institution (30 credits). The minimum number of credits needed for the AAS degree is 63. A student must have an overall GPA of at least 2.0 in order to graduate.

Required Courses for All Emphases

Students should work closely with an advisor to select courses to complete the requirements for this degree. The basic requirements are listed below. Students should not apply for graduation if they have never met with the advisor or their application may be denied.

Breadth Requirements (9 credits)

Technical Specialty and Institution

  • 30 credits