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2011-2012 General Catalog 
2011-2012 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

Theatre Arts Teaching Minor

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Caine College of the Arts

Department of Theatre Arts

(30 credits) (2.75 GPA)

The Theatre Arts Teaching Minor is an approved teaching minor for Secondary Education students majoring in other subject areas. Students enrolled in this minor must interview with the Theatre Arts Department and submit a portfolio that includes their diverse theatre experiences to date. This portfolio is used for advising purposes, as well as for scholarship consideration. The portfolio is required for entrance into the STEP Program, and USOE currently requires a portfolio in lieu of a praxis exam, in order for the student to be considered “highly qualified,” according to the “No Child Left Behind” regulations.

Minimum Grade Accepted: C in courses required for the minor. Must have an overall minimum grade of B- in minor for graduation. (Teacher certification specifies a minimum 2.75 GPA)

Theatre Arts Department Requirements

  • Attend ALL department productions unless involved in the productions. (Ticket stubs should be signed and submitted to the office following each production.)
  • Usher at each department porduction unless involved in the production (Students take completion slips to be signed by the House Manager. Competion slips are submitted to the office following the close of the production)
  • Attend all production strikes


Note: When involved in a production, participation slips are submitted by the Stage Manager for that production in place of ticket stubs or usher slips.


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