Dec 15, 2019  
2011-2012 General Catalog 
2011-2012 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

Theory and Practice of Professional Communication, PhD

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of English

The Theory and Practice of Professional Communication (TPPC) program is designed to meet the interests and needs of students who aspire to conduct advanced study of and research into the communicative practices of organizations and the professions. The program offers the opportunity to study professional communication, technology, and culture in a department with a long history of expertise and achievement in writing and technology. The defining features of this program include opportunities to study and work with advanced communication technologies, to engage in extended fieldwork research experiences, and to pursue a program of study that can largely be tailored to work with different research interests within the field of professional communication. The program prepares students to become academic instructors/researchers in English departments or to move into administrative or research positions in nonacademic workplaces.

The TPPC program has a website providing details about the application process, financial assistance, and graduation requirements. This website may be accessed at:

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