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2012-2013 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2012) 
2012-2013 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2012) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

Anthropology - BA

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology

Students must complete the General Education Requirements :

Students must also complete the University Studies Depth Requirements :

  • Two courses having a CI designation (such as  ,   and   will fulfill the Communications Intensive (CI) requirement
  • Completion of a course having a QI designation (such as  ) will fufill the Quantitative Intensive (QI) requirement
  • Complete at least 2 credits in approved 3000-level or above courses from each of the following two categories: Humanities and Creative Arts (DHA) and Life and Physical Sciences (DSC)

Major Requirements

Minimum GPA for Admission: 2.5, Career
Minimum GPA for Graduation: 2.5, major requirements, including BS and BA required courses; 2.0, Career
Minimum Grade Accepted: C in major requirements, including BS and BA required courses

A minimum of 40 anthropology credits are required for the anthropology major. All students must take five required anthropology courses, including an introduction to program resources, a three-semester sequence in the basic areas of anthropology, and an upper-division level course in the history of anthropology. The anthropology major also requires exposure across the breadth of the discipline. In addition to the five required courses, specific graduation requirements include:

Anthropology Tracks

Each student must select a track from among the three subspecialties in anthropology listed below and complete a minimum of four upper-division courses (these may include ANTH 2010  and ANTH 2330 ) and the capstone course in that specialization, for a total of five track courses. Capstone courses are offered every other year, so students should schedule their coursework accordingly. Students also take two courses from each of the non-track suites of courses, to ensure exposure to breadth across the discipline.

  1. Cultural/Applied Anthropology
  2. Biological/Biomedical Anthropology
  3. Archaeology/Cultural Resource Management

Methods Component

Majors must complete one “Methods” course (3 credits) in anthropology. The course chosen to meet this requirement may also count toward other anthropology major requirements.

A minimum of 16 credits of the anthropology course credits counting toward the major must be Utah State University courses. Credits from distance and residence center courses are subject to departmental approval for application toward the anthropology major, with the exception of those listed below.

Students majoring in anthropology must maintain a minimum 2.5 overall GPA in anthropology courses. A grade of C or better must be attained in all courses counted for the major, including foreign language and statistics courses. In addition, majors must complete the general requirements of the University in consultation with the student’s HASS advisor, and complete the following major courses:

Anthropology Tracks

2. Biological/Biomedical Anthropology (6 credits minimum/12 plus capstone for Biological/Biomedical Track)

Biological/Biomedical Anthropology Capstone:

3. Archaeology/Cultural Resource Management (6 credits minimum/12 plus capstone for Archaeology/CRM Track)


Students planning to receive a BA degree must demonstrate proficiency in one foreign language by successful completion of one course at the 2020-level or higher (or its equivalent) or must demonstrate proficiency in American Sign Language by successful completion COMD 4920  and COMD 4780 , and by passing  an exit Interview or must demonstrate proficiency in two foreign languages by successful completion of the 1020 course level in one language and the 2010 course level in the second language (or its equivalent) or must complete an upper-division (3000-level or higher) foreign language grammar or literature course requiring the 2020 course level (or its equivalent) as a prerequisite. Conversation courses cannot be considered for satisfying this requirement.

Students planning to receive a BS degree must complete STAT 1040 , and two courses selected from a list of courses approved by the Anthropology Program.

Anthropology majors are encouraged to complete both the foreign language and statistics requirements.

Minimum University Requirements

Total Credits


Grade Point Average (most majors require higher GPA)

2.00 GPA

Credits of C- or better


Credits of upper-division courses (#3000 or above)


USU Credits (30 USU credits, 20 of which must be upper-division courses, 10 of which must be courses required for student's major)

30 USU credits

Completion of approved major program of study

See college advisor

Credits in minor (if required)


Credits in American Institutions (ECN 1500 ;HIST 1700 , HIST 2700  or HIST 2710 ; HONR 1300 POLS 1100 ; or USU 1300 


General Education Requirements  and University Studies Depth Requirements 




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