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2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) 
2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences - BS

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College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Department of Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences are listed briefly. All graduates from the department must complete one of the following emphases: Animal and Dairy Science; Biotechnology; Bioveterinary Science; or Equine Science and Management.

Students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Attain a grade point average of at least 2.50 in all ADVS courses specified as requirements in their emphasis curricula
  • ADVS courses required for the major may be repeated only once to improve a grade
  • Courses required for the major may not be taken for a pass/fail grade
  • To graduate with a degree in this major, students in the Animal and Dairy Science, Biotechnology and Equine Science and Management emphases must attain an overall GPA of at least 2.25. Students in the Bioveterinary Science emphasis must attain an overall GPA of at least 3.0.


Students must complete the General Education requirements  

  •   will fulfill the Life Sciences requirement and
  •   will fulfill the Physical Sciences requirement for students in the Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences major
  •   will fulfill the American Institutions requirement for students in the Animal and Dairy Science emphasis and the Equine Science and the Management emphasis who wish to get an Agribusiness Management minor

Students must also complete the University Studies requirements 

  •   and   will fulfill the Communications Intensive (CI) requirement
  •  ,  ,   or   will fulfill the Quantitative Intensive (QI) requirement
  • Complete at least 2 credits in approved 3000-level or above courses from each of the following two catagories: Humanities and Creative Arts (DHA) and Social Sciences (DSS)
  •  ,  ,   or   will fulfill the DSS requirement 

For more detailed information about courses and the recommended sequence for taking them, see the ADVS academic advisor in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences Student Services Center.

Animal and Dairy Science Emphasis

Choose one course from the following:

Directed Electives

Students must choose eight courses from the following:

Biotechnology Emphasis

Choose one course from the following:

Bioveterinary Science Emphasis Curriculum

(3.0 minimum total GPA required)

This is a four-year program, preparing students for application and admittance to veterinary school or graduate school. In recent years, the average competitive GPA of students who have been accepted to veterinary school has been approximately a 3.6 GPA average.  

Advanced Standing Requirements

To attain Advanced Standing in Bioveterinary Science, students must have completed or must be currently registered for a minimum of 60 semester credits, and must have earned an overall GPA of at least 2.75 for all credits, including transfer credits, taken up to the time the petition for Advanced Standing is made.

Students’ records will be checked when they reach a total of 60 semester credits. Those who do not meet advanced standing requirements will be notified to meet with their advisor.

Senior Year

Students must complete at least 120 semester credits for the BS degree, of which at least 40 credits must be in upper-division courses. The student must complete two courses which are designated Communications Intensive (CI), and one course which is designated Quantitative Intensive (QI). Students must include at least 15 credits from the following list. Other upper-division life sciences courses may be applied to this requirement, if approved by the ADVS academic advisor.

Equine Science and Management Emphasis


1 Students may obtain an Agribusiness Management Minor by taking APEC 2010 /ECN 2010 ; APEC 3010 , APEC 3020 ; ECN 1500 ; and ACCT 2010 .

2 Students may obtain a Chemistry Minor by taking CHEM 2310 , CHEM 2315 , CHEM 2320 , and CHEM 3700 , ACCT 2010 

3 Transfer student requirements: In order to receive credit for ADVS 1600 , ADVS 2600 , or ADVS 2650 , the student must have received a grade of C or higher in the transfer course, and must demonstrate riding competency to the instructor of record.

Minimum University Requirements

Total Credits


Grade Point Average (most majors require higher GPA)

2.00 GPA

Credits of C- or better


Credits of upper-division courses (#3000 or above)


USU Credits (30 USU credits, 20 of which must be upper-division courses, 10 of which must be courses required for student’s major)

30 USU credits

Completion of approved major program of study

See college advisor

Credits in minor (if required)


Credits in American Institutions (ECN 1500 ;HIST 1700 , HIST 2700  or HIST 2710 ; HONR 1300 POLS 1100 ; or USU 1300 )


General Education Requirements  and University Studies Depth Requirements 




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