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2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) 
2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog at]

Biological Science (Composite Teaching) - BS

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College of Science

Department of Biology

Admission Requirements For This Major
New freshmen admitted to USU in good standing qualify for admission to this major. Acumulative 2.75 GPA and 60 credits of coursework are required for admission to the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP). Transfer students from other institutions or other USU majors need a cumulative 2.75 GPA to be admitted to the major. They also need 60 credits of coursework to be admitted to the STEP. Students should contact the School of TEAL for information on additional admission criteria.

The Program
A bachelor’s degree in the Composite Teaching—Biological Science Major includes: University Studies, as required by the College of Science; the Composite Teaching Major; and the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP). Students majoring in the Composite Teaching—Biological Science Major will complete courses which provide an in-depth understanding of biological principles. 

The Composite Teaching—Biological Science Major program is fully accredited by the Utah State Office of Education and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Career Opportunities
Through the bachelor’s degree program in the Composite Teaching—Biological Science Major, students are prepared for public school teaching at the secondary level. Students completing the program are eligible to apply for secondary licensure in the State of Utah. Utah also has reciprocal agreements with many other states.

Students desiring licensure to teach more than biology should consider also completing a teaching minor in an area such as chemistry. Students may also wish to take extra classes to complete a regular Biology degree. In many instances, this only requires a moderate addition of required coursework. This could enhance a student’s opportunities in nonteaching biology-related fields and postgraduate education. For further information, students should contact Dr. Richard Mueller, Eccles Science Learning Center 245L, (435) 797-2479, or by e-mail to:

Graduation Requirements:

Students must complete the Minimum University Graduation and University Studies General Education and Depth Requirements.

General Education Requirements :

  •   in conjunction with   will fulfill the Exploration requirement
  • The required Biology coursework will fulfill the BLS requirement
  • The required Physics coursework will fulfill the BPS requirement

University Studies Depth Requirements :

  •   and   will fulfill the Communications Intensive requirement
  •   will fulfill the Quantitative Intensive requirement
  •   will fulfill the Social Sciences requirement


Composite Teaching—Biological Science Major, BS/BA

To graduate, a candidate for the Composite Teaching-Biological Science Major must accumulate an overall cumulative GPA of 2.75 and a grade of C- or better in BIOL 1610  and BIOL 1620  . The Pass-Fail option is not acceptable for any course required for the degree, except where a course is only graded pass/fail but D grades are permitted within the restrictions of the 2.75 GPA.The Composite Teaching—Biological Science Major leads to licensure to teach in secondary schools. Note: All USU teacher education candidates will be required to take and pass the PRAXIS content exam approved by the Utah State Office of Education in their major (and minor if applicable) content area prior to student teaching. The Composite Teaching—Biological Science course requirements are as follows:

Physiology Course with Lab Requirement (4-5 credits)

Students must take from the following list one upper-division physiology course with an integrated or separate laboratory:

Courses with separate lecture and lab; one of the following two lecture courses and BIOL 5610 must be taken to meet the requirement:

Mathematics and Statistics Requirement (7 credits)

Required Courses for the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) (35 credits)


To begin the admission process to the STEP, students should see their advisor at least two semesters before they begin Level 1 coursework. STEP admission deadlines are March 1 for fall and October 1 for spring. For details, contact Dr. Richard Mueller, Eccles Science Learning Center 245L.


1. Students who complete BIOL 4600  do not need to take BIOL 2420 , but are encouraged to take another physiology course to broaden their knowledge.

2. To improve employment and career options, the full two-year chemistry sequence required of Biology Emphasis Majors is highly recommended and will meet the requirements for a Chemistry Teaching Minor. See advisor for details.

3. Students should be certain that they have the proper background to enroll in MATH 1210 . See the General Catalog for prerequisties or contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

4. SCED 3400  and SCED 4400  are only taught once a year. Therefore, it is important for students to consult with their advisor to fit these couses in the correct sequence into their plan of study.

Minimum University Requirements

Total Credits


Grade Point Average (most majors require higher GPA)

2.00 GPA

Credits of C- or better


Credits of upper-division courses (#3000 or above)


USU Credits (30 USU credits, 20 of which must be upper-division courses, 10 of which must be courses required for student's major)

30 USU credits

Completion of approved major program of study

See college advisor

Credits in minor (if required)


Credits in American Institutions (ECN 1500 ;HIST 1700 , HIST 2700  or HIST 2710 ; HONR 1300 POLS 1100 ; or USU 1300 )


General Education Requirements  and University Studies Depth Requirements 




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