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2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) 
2013-2014 General Catalog (Summer, Fall 2013) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

Technology and Engineering Education - BS

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College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education

A degree in technology and engineering education prepares students to become qualified instructors who can teach the necessary skills required in our changing world. The ever-increasing rate of technological development and the impacts of globalization have created a demand for individuals who are technologically literate, innovative and capable of working in teams. The world is looking toward specialized educators to meet this demand.

Students have the option to emphasize their studies in Technology and Engineering Education or Trade and Technical Education.

A Technology and Engineering Education emphasis is designed to prepare students for careers in teaching at the middle school and high school levels. The courses in this major consist of communication, manufacturing, energy, power and transportation classes.

A Trade and Technical Education emphasis is designed to prepare students for teaching Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses at the high school and post-high school levels. The courses in this major consist of classes within a declared expertise of building trades, automotive technology, electricity and electronics, computer-aided drafting, nursing or culinary arts.

Students are exposed to extensive practical classroom experience through role-playing, video-laboratory activities, clinical experiences and student teaching.

Students choosing this major must also be admitted to the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) administered by the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services.

University Studies-Competency

Note: alternatively, competency requirements may be fulfilled though testing. See General Education Requirements for further information. 

University Studies-Breadth

Students must complete a minimum of 18 credits in breadth courses, including one course from each of the six categories (BAI, BCA, BHU, BLS, BPS, and BSS). At least two of these six courses must have a USU prefix. The following courses are suggested for students in the TEE major:

  • CHEM 1110  (will satisfy the BPS requirement)
  • LAEP 1030   (will satisfy the BCA requirement)
  • PHYS 1800  (will satisfy the Exploration requirement)
  • WATS 1200  or WILD 2200  (will satisfy the BLS requirement)
  • Meet with the academic advisor to determine which course to take for the remaining breadth requirements

University Studies-Depth

 Two Communications Intensive (CI) courses and one Quantitative Intensive (QI) course are required.

  1. Students in the Technology and Engineering Education major must also take one Depth Humanities and Creative Arts (DHA) course and one Depth Social Sciences (DSS) Course.

For Admission into the Secondary Teacher Education Program, students will need to meet minimum grade requirements, found at

In addition, students must complete the following courses in preparation for teacher licensure:

To schedule an appointment with the TEE academic advisor, contact (435)797-2282.

Please visit for more information.

Minimum University Requirements

Total Credits


Grade Point Average (most majors require higher GPA)

2.00 GPA

Credits of C- or better


Credits of upper-division courses (#3000 or above)


USU Credits (30 USU credits, 20 of which must be upper-division courses, 10 of which must be courses required for student's major)

30 USU credits

Completion of approved major program of study

See college advisor

Credits in minor (if required)


Credits in American Institutions (ECN 1500 ;HIST 1700 , HIST 2700  or HIST 2710 ; HONR 1300 POLS 1100 ; or USU 1300 )


General Education Requirements  and University Studies Depth Requirements 




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