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2011-2012 General Catalog 
2011-2012 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

University Research

Vice President for Research: Mark R. McLellan
Location: Main 159
Phone: (435) 797-1180
FAX: (435) 797-1367

Associate Vice Presidents for Research:

Jeff R. Broadbent, Main 159, (435) 797-1199,

Scott Bates, Main 162, (435) 797-1706,

DeeVon Bailey, Military Science 213, (435) 797-2300,

It is the mission of the Research Office to provide an environment that facilitates and stimulates University-related research, scholarship, and creative activities by: (1) providing leadership to identify and pursue promising research opportunities; (2) providing resources to help recruit and retain outstanding faculty and student scholars; (3) improving research support services that are highly responsive and efficient; (4) fostering a culture of academic research integrity that discloses and manages conflicts-of-interest and conflicts-of-commitment, and that is consistent with federal regulations; and (5) identifying, protecting, and, where appropriate, commercializing intellectual properties for the benefit of authors/inventors, the University, and society.

Research Support Units

Environmental Health and Safety: Steven C. Bilbao, (435) 797-2892
Institutional Review Board: True M. Fox, (435) 797-0567
Laboratory Animal Research Center: Aaron L. Olsen, (435) 797-8141
Research Integrity and Compliance: Russell Price, (435) 797-8305
Sponsored Programs: Jeff Coleman, (435) 797-1223

Major Research Committees

Biohazards Committee: Donald F. Smee, (435) 797-2897
Chemical Hygiene Committee: Joan E. McLean, (435) 797-3199
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee: James A. Pfister, (435) 752-2941
Institutional Biosafety (RDNA) Committee: John D. Morrey (435) 797-2622
Institutional Review Board: Rich Gordin (Chair), (435) 797-1506
Radiological Safety Committee: Dale L. Barnard, (435) 797-2696
Research Council: Mark R. McLellan, (435) 797-1180
University Safety Committee: Howard M. Deer, (435) 797-1602

Research Centers, Institutes, and Laboratories

High Performance Computing: Eric Held (Chair), (435) 797-7166

Office of Global Engagement:

DeeVon Bailey, Military Science 213, (435) 797-2300, deevon.bailey @
Mary Hubbard, Military Science 216 (435) 797-9190,

Utah Science, Technology, and Research Initiative (USTAR): Robert Behunin (435) 797-9607

Commercialization and Regional Development

Vice President for Commercialization and Regional Development: Robert T. Behunin
Location: RP Bldg 570, Suite 101, UMC 9730
Phone: (435) 797-9607
FAX: (435) 797-9612

Associate Vice President for Commercialization and Regional Development: Curt Roberts, (435) 713-3097,

Commercial Enterprises: (435)-713-3077, RP Bldg 575, UMC 9730

Curt Roberts, (435) 713-3097,
Forrest Fackrell (435) 713-3399,
Christian Volmar, (435) 713-3098,
David Clark, (435) 713-3099,

Intellectual Property Services: (435) 797-9603, RP Bldg 570, Suite 101, UMC 9730

Ray DeVito, (435) 797-9615,
Joe Christison, (435) 797-9614,
Ryan Brady, (435) 797-9604,
Karen Boghossian, (435) 797-9603,

Utah Science Technology and Research: (435) 797-9607, RP Bldg 570, Suite 101, UMC 9730

Applied Nutrition Research: Michael Lefevre
Byard Wood
Center for Active Imaging and Sensing (CASI):
Bob Barson
Energy Dynamics Laboratory (EDL):
Jeff Muhs
Institute for Intuitive Buildings (12B): Aravind Dasu
Space Weather Center (SWC):
Kent Tobiska
Synthetic Bio-manufacturing Center (SBC):
Scott Hinton
Veterinary Diagnostic and Infectious Disease (VDID):
Kenneth L. White

Innovation Campus: (435) 797-9610, RP Bldg 1780, UMC 9600

Executive Director Innovation Campus: Ned M. Weinshenker, (435) 797-9610,

College of Agriculture

Agricultural Experiment Station: Noelle E. Cockett
Center for Epidemiologic Studies: Ronald G. Munger
Center for Integrated BioSystems: Kenneth L. White
Center for Profitable Use of Agriculture Byproducts: Conly L. Hansen
Center for Water Efficient Landscaping: Roger K. Kjelgren
Institute for Antiviral Research: John D. Morrey
Rocky Mountain Dairy Herd Improvement Affiliate: Jim Nix
Utah Botanical Center: David M. Anderson
Utah Climate Center: Robert R. Gillies
Western Dairy Center: Donald J. McMahon
Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Center: V. Philip Rasmussen

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Management Institute: Glenn M. McEvoy
Partners in Business Program: Ken Snyder
Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence: Robert Miller

Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services

Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD): M. Bryce Fifield
Center for the School of the Future (CSF): Richard P. West
Early Intervention Research Institute: Mark S. Innocenti
Emma Eccles Jones Center for Early Childhood Education: D. Ray Reutzel
Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center: John D. Copenhaver
National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM): Karl R. White
SKI*HI Institute: Elizabeth C. Dennison
Speech-Language Hearing Center: Beth E. Foley
Young Education Technology Center (YETC): Nathan M. Smith, Jr

College of Engineering

Anderson Center for Wireless Teaching and Research: Jacob H. Gunther
Buried Structures Laboratory: Steven L. Folkman
Center for Control of Flows in Manufacturing: Barton L. Smith
Center for Profitable Uses of Agricultural Byproducts: Conly L. Hansen
Center for Self-Organizing and Intelligent Systems: Yangquan Chen
Center for Space Engineering: Charles M. Swenson
Institute for Natural Systems Engineering: Casey Williams
International Irrigation Center: Ronald C. Sims
National Center for Engineering and Technology Education: Christine E. Hailey
Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortium: Doran J. Baker
Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management: Ronald C. Sims
Utah Local Technical Assistance Program: Nicholas R. Jones
Utah On-Site Wastewater Training Center: Judith L. Sims
Utah Transportation Center: Kevin C. Womack
Utah Water Research Laboratory: Mac McKee

Humanities and Social Sciences

Center for International Studies: Veronica Ward
Institute for Political Economy: Cindy Nelson
Institute for Social Sciences Research on Natural Resources: Richard S. Krannich
Mountain West Center for Regional Studies: Elaine Thatcher

College of Natural Resources

Berryman Institute for Wildlife Damage Management: Johan du Toit
Ecology Center: James A. MacMahon
Institute for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism: Steven W. Burr
Geographical Information Systems Remote Sensing Lab: R. Douglas Ramsey
Western Center for Monitoring and Assessment of Freshwater Ecosystems: Charles P. Hawkins

College of Science

Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences: Robert W. Schunk
Intermountain Herbarium: Mary E. Barkworth
Luminescence Lab: Joel L. Pederson

Utah State University Research Foundation

Energy Dynamics Lab: Jeff Muhs
Space Dynamics Laboratory: Niel Holt
USURF: Doug Lemon


Bee Biology and Systematics Laboratory: Rosalind R. James
Center for Research on Disturbance Ecology: Jesse A. Logan
Forage and Range Research Lab: John Watterson
National Aquatic Monitoring Center: Mark R. Vinson
Poisonous Plant Lab: Kip E. Panter
Predation Ecology Project: John A. Shivik
Western Center for Monitoring and Assessment of Freshwater Ecosystems: Charles P. Hawkins

State Labs

Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Lab: Thomas J. Baldwin
USU Analytical Laboratory (Soil Testing): Janice Kotuby-Amache
USU Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab: Diane G. Alston

Office of Global Engagement

Utah State University’s Office of Global Engagement sees the world through the eyes of USU professors and students who are solving global challenges by empowering people in other countries to improve their communities and individual economic opportunities. This objective is accomplished through education, training, and research in areas ranging from water conservation, microfinancing, and ecology to training teachers, as well as through expanding opportunities for persons with disabilities. The Office of Global Engagement also manages USU’s Office of International Students, Scholars, and Study Abroad and operates under the auspices of the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice President for Research. USU is engaged as an active member of the global community, and USU’s goals are facilitated to encourage the efforts of faculty and students to be involved in research and education in the global setting, while increasing awareness of the global context.

Undergraduate Research Program

Established in 1975 as the second-oldest program in the country, Undergraduate Research supports students in meeting their academic and professional goals. Undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity offer Utah State University students unparalleled  educational opportunities for hands-on learning, a hallmark of the institution. Students may begin a research track as early as their freshman year, preparing them to compete for prestigious scholarships, such as the Goldwater, Udall, and Rhodes, and for graduate studies. Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunity (URCO) Grant competitions are held twice annually, in February and October. The Research Office also supports the annual “Research on the Hill” event at the State Capitol, as well as “Student Showcase,” the spring celebration of undergraduate research. In addition, students selected to present at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) or the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) “Posters on the Hill” competition are also supported. For support of other travel to professional conferences and meetings, the Associated Students of Utah State University (ASUSU) allocates money to eligible undergraduates through the Academic Opportunity Fund.