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2014-2015 General Catalog (Spring, Summer 2015) 
2014-2015 General Catalog (Spring, Summer 2015) [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog at https://catalog.usu.edu/]

Final Examination Policies

Excessive Finals on One Day

Students who have three or more finals scheduled during one day and who desire to have one of those tests moved to another day during the final exam period must: (1) obtain a copy of their official registration that is dated no more than 7 days prior to the beginning of the first test day, and (2) seek permission from one of the instructors to change the hour of their final examination. Adverse decisions from all instructors may be appealed through the deans of the colleges involved.

Common Tests Not Otherwise Scheduled

These must be arranged by department heads and staff members who teach multiple sections of the same class. The college deans (who plan to use the open periods for multiple-section class tests) will assign a member or members of the applicable department to clear the time for their tests with the Scheduling Office (TSC 246, 797-1015). Rooms must be cleared by midterm for multiple-section tests.

No-Test Days Policy

A five-day period designated as "no-test" days precedes final examinations. During this time, no major examinations, including final examinations will be given in order that students may concentrate on classwork, the completion of special assignments, writing projects, and other preparation for duly scheduled final examinations. Approved exceptions include: final papers, weekly chapter quizzes, quizzes, projects, examinations associated with a lab that does not meet during final examinations, and final examinations for broadcast courses.