Dec 02, 2023  
2022-2023 General Catalog 
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USU 3070 - Interdisciplinary Depth (DHA/DSC/DSS)

DHA, DSC, DSS Depth Humanities and Creative Arts, Depth Life and Physical Sciences, Depth Social Sciences
3-6 credit(s)

Course may combine two or three depth categories (DHA, DSC, DSS) in a variable 3-6 credits course covering 1-2 semesters. Usually team-taught and may include service learning, fieldwork, or undergraduate research. Course fulfills one depth requirement per semester of student enrollment (up to two for a yearlong course).

Prerequisite(s): Must meet breadth graduation requirements, Quantitative Literacy (QL) , Communications Literacy (CL1) , Communications Literacy (CL2)  

Cross-listed as: HONR 3070 
Repeatable for credit: Yes
Grade Mode: Standard