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2011-2012 General Catalog 
2011-2012 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

Biochemistry, BS

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College of Science

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The following curriculum is required for the BS degree in biochemistry. To complete the degree in eight semesters (four academic years), students must register for an average of 15-16 credits per semester. (Note: Biochemistry Majors cannot declare a Chemistry Minor.)

Note: Students may satisfy the CHEM 1210  requirement with an AP score of 3 or 4. Both CHEM 1210  and CHEM 1220  may be satisfied with an AP score of 5.


Students must complete the General Education Requirements :

  •   will fulfill the Physical Sciences (BPS) breadth requirement
  •   and/or   will fulfill the Exploration requirement

Students must also complete the University Studies Depth Requirements :

  • Complete at least 2 credits in approved 3000-level or above courses from each of the following two categories: Humanities and Creative Arts (DHA) adn Social Sciences (DSS)

Suggested Schedule

First Year (30-32 credits)

Second Year (32 credits)

Third Year (31-37 credits)

Fall Semester (15-18 credits)

Spring Semester (16-19 credits)

Fourth Year (29-34 credits)

Fall Semester (14-17 credits)

Spring Semester (12-15 credits)

  • Advanced elective coursework 6-12
  • University Studies course(s) 0-3

BS Degree in Biochemistry with Honors

A BS degree in Biochemistry with honors can be earned by meeting the following requirements:

  1. Minimum GPA of 3.50 in chemistry courses
  2. Overall GPA of 3.30
  3. Completion of 15 credits of honors work by successfully completing honors contracts in the following courses:

Minimum University Requirements

Total Credits


Grade Point Average (most majors require higher GPA)

2.00 GPA

Credits of C- or better


Credits of upper-division courses (#3000 or above)


USU Credits (10 of last 40 must be USU credits)


Completion of approved major program of study

See college advisor

Credits in minor (if required)


Credits in American Institutions (ECN 1500 ;HIST 1700 , HIST 2700  or HIST 2710 ; HONR 1300 POLS 1100 ; or USU 1300 


General Education Requirements  and University Studies Depth Requirements 




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