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2010-2011 General Catalog 
2010-2011 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG Please see current catalog]

Statistics, BS

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Major Requirements

Major and minor requirements in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics vary from time to time. Exact requirements in effect at any given time may be found in the USU online General Catalog. All grades for MATH and STAT courses applied toward a departmental major or minor must be C- or better. Major and minor requirements in effect at the beginning of Fall Semester 2010 are given below.

College of Science Requirements

Every bachelor’s degree candidate in the College of Science must complete the following coursework or its equivalent:


In some degrees or emphases within degrees, the second semester of calculus may be replaced by STAT 3000 . The substitution will be for specific degree programs, not by student choice.

Actuarial Science Emphasis (59 credits)

The Actuarial Science Emphasis is available in either the Mathematics Major or the Statistics Major. Students should register for either the Mathematics Major with Actuarial Science Emphasis or the Statistics Major with Actuarial Science Emphasis. Only the required courses for the emphasis, as listed below, need to be completed.

B. Mathematics and Statistics Courses (for Statistics Majors) (44 credits)

Statistics Majors must complete all of the courses listed above in Section A, except for the following two courses:

In addition, students must complete the following:


Admission to the Actuarial Science Emphasis requires explicit departmental approval.

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