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2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog

Quantitative Intensive (QI)

One of the following courses:

For most students, a course taken for the major will meet this requirement.

ADVS 4560: Principles of Animal Genetics and Breeding (QI)  

ANTH 3340: Geographic Information Science for Anthropology (QI)   

ANTH 5250: Problems in Bioarchaeology (QI)  

APEC 3310: Analytical Methods in Applied Economics (QI)  

APEC 5010: Firm Marketing and Price Analysis (QI)  

APEC 5015: Firm Management, Planning, and Optimization (QI)  

APEC 5330: Applied Econometrics (QI)  

ASTE 3040: Fabrication Practices in Agricultural Buildings (QI)  

ASTE 3600: Management of Agriculture Machinery Systems (QI)  

ASTE 4100: Agricultural Structures and Environment (QI)  

AV 5500: Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Ground School (QI)   

BIOL 3060: Principles of Genetics (QI)  

BIOL 3220: Field Ecology (QI)  

BIOL 4230: Applied Mathematics in Biology (QI)  

BIOL 4400: Plant Physiology (QI)  

BIOL 5300: Microbial Physiology (QI)  

BIOL 5610: Animal Physiology Laboratory (QI)  

BUS 3400: Finance Fundamentals (QI)  

CCA 3060: Quantitative Methods for the Arts (QI)  

CCA 3070: Unveiling the Anthropocene  

CHEM 3000: Quantitative Analysis (QI)  

CHEM 3060: Physical Chemistry (QI)  

CHEM 3070: Physical Chemistry (QI)  

CMST 3570: Quantitative Communication Studies Research Methods (QI)  

CS 1410: Introduction to Computer Science--CS 2 (QI)  

CS 2420: Algorithms and Data Structures--CS 3 (QI)  

CS 3010: Information Acquisition, Analysis and Presentation (DSC/CI/QI)  

CS 3430: Scientific Computing with Python  

ECN 4310: Mathematical Methods in Economics and Finance I (QI)  

ECN 4330: Introduction to Econometrics (QI)   

ECN 5310: Mathematical Methods for Economics and Finance II (QI)   

ECN 5950: Behavioral Economics and Finance (QI)  

ENGL 3470: Approaches to Research in English Studies (QI)  

ENVS 3500: Quantitative Assessment of Environmental and Natural Resource Problems (QI)   

FCSE 3030: Textile Science (DSC/QI)  

FIN 3400: Corporate Finance (QI)  

GEO 3150: Energy in the Twenty-first Century (DSC/QI)  

GEO 5510: Groundwater Geology (QI)  

GEO 5530: Petroleum Systems: Principles of Exploration and Development (QI)  

GEO 5540: Quantitative Methods in Geology (QI)  

GEO 5620: Global Geophysics (QI)  

HDFS 3130: Research Methods (QI)  

HEP 4200: Program Planning for Health Education (QI)  

HONR 3010: Special Topics: Life and Physical Sciences (DSC/QI)  

ID 3730: Interior Materials and Construction (QI)  

JCOM 2020: Communication Research Methods (QI)  

KIN 4200: Biomechanics (QI)  

KIN 4400: Evaluation in Kinesiology (QI)  

LAEP 2600: Landscape Construction I (QI)  

MAE 3440: Heat Transfer (QI)  

MATH 2010: Algebraic Thinking & Number Sense for Elementary Education School Teachers (QI)  

MATH 2020: Euclidean Geometry and Statistics for Elementary Education School Teachers (QI)  

MATH 2210: Multivariable Calculus (QI)  

MATH 2250: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (QI)  

MATH 2270: Linear Algebra (QI)   

MATH 2280: Ordinary Differential Equations (QI)   

MATH 4230: Applied Mathematics in Biology (QI)  

MIS 3300: Big Data Analytics (QI)  

NDFS 4420: Nutrition Research Methodology (QI)  

NDFS 4440: Fundamentals of Food Engineering (QI)  

NDFS 4720: Food Service Organization and Management (QI)  

NDFS 5100: Sensory Evaluation of Food (QI)  

NDFS 5500: Food Analysis (QI)  

NURS 3230: Evidence Based Health Care (QI)  

PHIL 2200: Deductive Logic (QI)  

PHYS 2210: Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (BPS/QI)  

PHYS 2220: Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (BPS/QI)  

PHYS 2310: Physics for Scientists I (BPS/QI)  

PHYS 2320: Physics for Scientists II (BPS/QI)   

PHYS 3010: Space Exploration from Earth to the Solar System (DSC/QI)  

PHYS 3030: The Universe (DSC/QI)  

PHYS 3040: Space Weather--Dangers to the High-Tech World (QI)   

PHYS 3150: Energy in the Twenty-first Century (DSC/QI)   

PHYS 4020: Science, Art, and Music (DSC/QI)  

POLS 3000: Introduction to Political Research (QI)  

POLS 5000: Political Analysis  

PRP 3200: Evaluation of Recreation Services (QI)  

PSC 4420: Landscape Irrigation Design (QI)  

PSC 4600: Cereal Science (DSC/QI)  

PSC 4810: Climate and Climate Change (DSC/QI)  

PSC 5530: Soil Health and Fertility (QI)  

PSY 3010: Psychological Statistics (QI)   

PUBH 5330: Industrial Hygiene Chemical Hazard Control (QI)  

SOC 2120: Social Statistics in Everyday Life (QI)  

SOC 3120: Social Statistics I (QI)  

SPED 5010: Applied Behavioral Analysis 1: Principles, Assessment, and Analysis (QI)  

SPED 5012: Basic Behavior Management and Instructional Strategies (QI)  

STAT 2000: Statistical Methods (QI)  

STAT 3000: Statistics for Scientists (QI)  

STAT 5100: Modern Regression Methods (CI/QI)  

TEE 2300: Electronic Fundamentals (QI)   

WATS 3910: Climatology and Hydrology for Western Watersheds (DSC/QI)  

WATS 4490: Small Watershed Hydrology (QI)  

Or one of the following exams:
  • AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism: Score of 4 or higher
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics: Score of 3 or higher
  • AP Statistics: Score of 3 or higher
  • IBO Computer Science Test: Higher-level Score of 4 or higher
  • IBO Physics Test: Higher-level Score of 5 or higher